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 Toffey's, Pawling, NY
 Jersey City (Bergen)
 Birth-1961, Paramus
 1961-1983, Tenafly


Russell Markert, choreographer, founded & directed, Radio City Music Hall, "36 Rockettes."

Russell Eldridge Market, Chef-Choreographer in New York City, founder & director for Radio City Music Hall,"36 Rockettes" and sister, Gladys, manage in Radio City Music Hall - my Mom's only cousins.

Markert retired, 42 years in 1971, and died, December 3, 1990, 91, Heritage Village in Southbury, C.T.


Garret Sip Toffey and Ancestry

Garret Sip Toffey; Mom & Dad, and Great, great, grandparents, Pawling, N.Y. and Jersey City, NJ.


Dec., ’99, old oven, bathroom, old yellow toilet & sink, right, closet.

"As-is" from the bank, in 11, 1999, "2 Home's" in Upper Darby, P.A. and Collins Track in Pennsauken, 4 1/2 month, to middle to 4/'00, after working in Verona Design Inc., "old and new" in front hall, dining room, kitchen, downstairs haft-bath, back five steps, and back door!

Moving in middle of April, '00, Garret, wife, Lisa and best friend Edward, in 2000...


On September, 2013, I and his two cats are moving back to home, 6542 Collins Avenue,

Seventeen yeaes my large home, measurement: 75 x 130, front, back, left, right side, four bed!

Myself, outside old and new windows shutters, front, side, and back, dark, middle lavenders, new around flowers, stubs, front floor rounds flowers, shrubs!


December, 1987, ten days, CA, south a

In December, 1987 in West Philadelphia, 10 days, south and north, California State Route 1! Los Angeles, Paul, wife and I to Mexico, Tijuana, for days. Driving north in Los Angeles, in, tent. wife Genn's sister, 3 days, San Francesco. After, myself, north, Pacific oceans, two lighthouse and Park, Pine trees!


82 Norman Place, Tenafly, NJ, my home, summer, 1961 to 1983.

My Home, 82 Norman Place, Tenafly, NJ, from summer, 1961 to 1983. In 1976, I, moving to West Philadelphia.


Pepsi; April; 1961, Sleep; 19 Y.O.

Three boys and three kittens in boxes in 1960. Boy cat, Spooky died in two month. But, mom's and I, one of six kitten, but boy name Pepsi. Pepsi and I, living room, sleeping! And, Pepsi, 19 years, Paramus and Tenafly, NJ!

My Site, Seventeen Pats, Sports, and Cars!


August 3rd, '17, sign a lease; two week, 8/20 in living room!

August 3rd, 2017, Thursday, signed a lease, 800 Cottman Avenue, Apt. 220, in Philadelphia, P.A. But two week, new living room!


12/21 @ 1:26 wheelchair A-2 to East to Oxford Ave, right to light, Tyson Ave, right to climing top Rising Sun Ave in corner, old Asian woman, Junk Store!

12/21 @ 1:26 wheelchair A-2 to East to Oxford Aveue, right to light, Tyson Ave, right to climing top Rising Sun Ave in corner, old Asian woman, Junk Store! One month before, power chair to my Junk Store Asian woman, almost new wheelchair; $40! Back to apartment A-2; 3 miles!




Great grandfather,

Great grandfather, John James Toffey, 18, 33rd NJ Volunteers, wounded, Missionary Ridge, Tennessee."Medal of Honor" in Civil War.

Also, he had the unique distinction of witnessing the assassination of President A. Abraham Lincoln, in Washington, D.C. on April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theatre, & John J. Toffey.


First time, my Hatch wife’s, Susan E. Toffey died in stone, 1946 2014, 68 years.

"6th Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y."

Blood of Toffey's, my oldest cousin, Akin Hatch's wife, Susan E. Toffey died, 1946-2014, 68 years in square, bronze in Christ Church, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. Families of Toffey's and friends for May 11, 2014.

Pawling, N.Y. in JPG: right side in Christ Church.


Christ Church Grave, Mom & Dad

Back of Christ Church cemetery, my Dad, William Toffey & Mom, Dorothy Eldridge in Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., top of a Memorial Garden Plaques, Bill camera.

Pawling, N.Y. in JPG: Back grave,my parents, Christ Church.


My great-great grandparents, George and Mary Toffey, middle. John Jams and Mary Sip Toffey, left. Right, John James Toffey sister, Mary Toffey.

Down town in Pawling, #22 Cemeteries, left-right, son, John Jams & Mary Sip Toffey, small stone.

Middle large stone my father, George & Mary Cook Toffey. Right, John James Toffey sister, Mary Toffey & husband, William Bailey Wheeler. And more Toffey's cemeteries in down.

Pawling, N.Y. in JPG: Down Route 22 cemetery of Toffey's.


My great-freat-great parents, Daniel & Betsy Holloway Toffey

Below Christ Church, across a street, Akin Free Library & Museum, 80 yards east in big trees, Twenty-One Toffey's!

Font top, youngest of five children's, Daniel Toffey, 1788 to January 28, 1852, and Betsy Holloway Toffey, 1749 to 1868 in Quaker Hill! And back of grave. .


Reunion, 50 family, first new cabin, June, 2000!

My dad purchase in 1947, 10 acre in "Top of Hill" in Pawling.

New Cabin and Toffey Family Reunion!

Saturday, July 2, 2000: seventy-one Toffey's families! But 66 years, fore sale, 2013!

Pawling, N.Y. in ,JPG: My Father, 1947-"Top of Hill"


Aug., 25, '12, "21-Toffey", twin cousin Nancy (left) & Annie; right, Roger Smith.

Backyard grave, great-great-great-great grandparent, John & Abigail Akin Toffey! (Tarry Akin)

Pawling, N.Y. in JPG: 21 Toffey's in backyard, Quaker Hill.


Start Art Designer Advertising in fall, 1980, but 2nd ads, DeMarco-Egendorf Ads, Strawbridge & Clothier department store in Philadelphia, "125 Years" in 1993.

'2000*, SW NJ", merchantville,
Oct. 5, '12: Walking, far, 20 Picture!

Oct., 11, '12, walking, south, Amy's Omelet, and back, Springfield Ave., Cherry Hill, NJ


Mom & dad; cousen-84,_PA

Parents, Dorothy and William Toffey III, RV & Camping, 48 State, summer, Souderton, P.A., summer, 7 years, north east. Front, 3 son; Bill (left), Kyle (canter) and 3 cousin, 1984. Back, PT, & me, sign, "TOFFEY"! Garret & Peter SIP Toffey!

Story of Mom and Dad.


Nancy and Me, Senior High School, and...

Nancy and I, Senior High School, Tenafly, NJ. Spring proms, 9W, Alpine, NJ.

And, Nancy & I, 1973 to 1985! Myself, 4 times in Senior High School. And 1 3/4 hour south, Baltimore Ave & 40 Streets, 47 Street & Baltimore Ave in West Philadelphia, and Upper Darby, P.A., to Nancy!



My Life...

"My Family, My Ancestry & Art For Sale"

Successful Art Designer & Web Designer

Garret Sip Toffey grew up in Paramus, New Jersey in the June 2, 1954. At an early age, he developed a love for the arts and music! In summer, 1961, 20 minute east to Tenafly in N.J. and went to school at Tenafly High School, studying the creative arts and graduating in 1973. Fall, the The Art Students League of New York City, in Fine Art. Next summer in 1974, 2nd of 8 beetles, Yellow in England, driving to Woodstock, N.Y. State, studding Woodstock School of Art, two month. Fall, attended in East Carolina University, and graduated from the Art Indentation of Philadelphia with a Fine Arts and Graphic Degree.

He was a prolific artist and illustrator and worked for two decades in the advertising profession. In 2001, he took CIW Certification Courses and became a Certified Internet Webmaster, an association of Web Design Professionals. At the height of his career, Garret's talents as a web developer and art director landed him at a National Patient Education communications company. He developed a graphics art and web design business: Sip Studio Inc.,, since 1998, mastering web design and development designing hundreds of web sites.

Russell Eldridge Merkert 1st: Mother's cousin, Russell Merkert: "Chief Choreographer"...
John James Toffey 2nd: John Toffey: "Metal of Honor" in Civil War; Lincoln assassinating!
Three Generations of Toffey's in Pawling, NY 3th: "Sixth Generation of Toffey's" in Pawling, N.Y.
My father relieved, Nancy Van Alstine 4rd: Seven's relative, Nancy Van Alstinein & Indians in New York State...
My Dada Story: 150 in WWII "My Dads Story", best Journal Writer, 150* in WWII!
Living horror for Garret, July 3, 2006, fall off... Living horror for Garret, July 3, 2006, 1:30 pm in backyard...

A Colorful, Rich and Oldies Family History!

1st: My Mother cousin, Russell Eldridge Markert

Chef-Choreographer of 36 Rockettes; Radio City Music Hall

Luminary Russell Eldridge Market in 1932, founder and director of New York's City, Radio City Music Hall, was Garret's mother's cousin, left, "High Dick!" Markert, chief choreographer the routines! The "36 Rockettes," for 41 years until his retirement in 1971, dying in 1990 at age 91 in Southbury, C.N.

Mr. Markert, father-figure of the famous dance company, "tall and slender women in the world!" He preferred dancers that stood between 5 feet, 6 inches and 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

My mother's family to Manhattan, Radio City Music Hall, Christmas Spectacular Show and film movies, backstage passes, for cousin, Russell, for free tickets, winter, since 1962 to 1969!

Even at age 73, he was still kicking it up high, with Garret, Bill, and Kyle at Russell's home in Southbury in the kitchen!

Wedding in Manhattan, Monday, November 20, 1961 for Lucy Ball and second husband, Gary Morton in Marble Collegiate Church. Minister in front was Dr. Norman Vince Peale, and back pew, Russell Markert! Peale's large house in Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y.

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2nd: My Great Grandfather, John James Toffey

Famous people worldwide Wikipeda, "John James Toffey" [top right] in soldier was 20 year old Lieutenant John J. who had been wounded 17 months before while serving with the 33rd New Jersey Volunteers in the bloody fighting at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee. Washington, D.C., was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the Civil War.Astea

Also, he had the unique distinction of witnessing the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, in Washington, D.C. on April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theatre as well as participating in the capture of John Wilkes Booth!

Learn more... "John Toffey and President Lincoln, Ford's Theatre..."

Modern historian Ronald Coddington has had a special interest in John J. Toffey, having first purchased a picture card of the 18 year old and discovering his rich experience in battle and at Lincoln's assassination. On the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Missionary Ridge on November 22, 2013, Coddington featured John Toffey's story in an essay that appeared in the Online version of the New York Times.

Learn more... "John Toffey Was Sick With Fever..."

John wrote "Twelve Letters" to his my Toffey family, in particular, his Parents, "Grandma" [Daniel wife, Betsy Hollow Toffey] and John's brother "Danl" [brother, Daniel Toffey] during his two-year service in the Civil War. Great grandfather, John's twelve letters in Civil War, my Brother, Bill home in 2015, boxes in storage's.

Learn more... "John's Five of Twelve letters for Civil War in documents"

My great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey of the Dutch settler family, known for the historic Sip Manor House, built 1666, now Jersey City, NJ, in Sip Avenue, once stood at the southeast corner of Bergen Avenue and Academy Street.

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3rd: "Sixth Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y."

(But seventh cemeteries, my grandparents, William Vermily II and Clarice Koonz Toffey II, in Green-Wood, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Six Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y. — Eight Movies!

1st: Christ Church Of Quaker Hill: Memorial Garden Plaques

First of Toffey's in Christ Church in spring, 2013, [right, 2 down], inclined front of square gate, new bronze Memorial Garden Plaques. Inside gate 10 square stones, May 11, 2014, first of my 20* Toffey's family in right back, Akin Hatch wife, Susan E. Toffey, born, 1946 and dead, February, 2014, 68 years in Memorial [right, second down].

2nd: My Parents, backyard of Christ Church in grasses...

Back south of Memorial Garden Plaques, clumping down my parents, William Vermilye Toffey III, and Dorothy Edith Eldridge [right, third down]. Mom and Dad, born and dead, same age, 80 years old - father, 1913 to 1993; mother, 1919 to 1999!

Ten feet of parent's graves, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, preacher and author. Marble Collegiate Church in N.Y.C. (Above, Russell E. Markert and Dr. Peale!). The Dr. Norman Vincent Peale house in Quaker Hill Road, ten minute to Christ Church, and death, 95 years old! My home, 2014, bookshelf, two books, "The Power of Positive Thinking" and "How To Be Your Best."

More cemeteries stone in Christ Church, Lowell Jackson Thomas, journalist and broadcaster. And grave, Edward Roscoe Murrow, Broadcaster, Radio, CBS, Television and Government New York State.

3rd: #22 in Pawling Cemetery: Great & Great-Great Toffey…

Downtown in cemetery in small, my stones, younger, three of five children, John J. and Mary Sip Toffey [right, 4 down]. Great-great grandparents, George Akin and Mary Toffey, middle, large stone and picture. Left. Right stones, John's oldest sister, Mary Toffey husband, William Bailey Wheeler.

Right in cemeteries, Rear Admiral John Lorimer Worden, and wife, Olivia Akin Toffey Worden, George's sister in Gravesites in Pawling. North command the USS Monitor and south, Merrimack battle, a steam-propelled, ironclad warship, fought off the Virginia coast on March 9, 1862! Rear John Worden with nephew, Daniel Toffey II, Clerk on Monitor. Also, bury in Route 22 in Pawling.

4th: Backyard cemetery, My 3th & 4th Toffey's...

Garret's American lineage begins early in pre-Revolutionary War history.

Youngest of five children, Daniel Toffey [right, 5 down], front top, born and died in Quaker Hill, Daniel's, two of five children's, George Akin Toffey, 43 years old, moving to Jersey City, New Jersey. But retires, George and Mary Toffey, move back to Pawling, N.Y., corner, Church Road and Quaker Hill Road!

The oldest Toffey family members, great-great-great-great-great grandparents, John C., and Hannah Hewlett Toffey, emigrated from England in the early 1720s to Long Island, New York. Their son, John Toffey, Sr, hat maker, eventually settled in Pawling, N.Y., and marrying his second wife Abigail Akin, birth and dead in Quaker Hill, backyard (right, five down).

Learn more... "Gravesite in Pawling, backyard - GGG and GGGG Toffey"

Dad purchased 10 acres, "Top of Hill" in Pawling!

End of WWII in 1945, my father bought a 10-acre property on Quaker Hill in Pawling, N.Y., that he named 'Top of the Hill' in 1947. My family vacationed, clumping to top, Ash tree and the cabin that we completed there in spring 1971 from then until 1999.

In summer, 2000 new pine woods cabin, first floor, second floor and basements. Outside front and side porch and ankle ceilings wood roofs. Inside dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, two small two bed room and basement. Seconds floor, large bed and bathroom, "hot tub!"

Learn more... "Dad, 1947, 'Top of Hill!' in Pawling, N.Y."

In Pawling and Business, oldest Oblong Friends Meeting House, building since 1720 in Quaker Hill Road in Quaker Hill. Eight minute south, Mizzen Top Hotel, site, 1880 to 1933. Across a street, northwest, Akin Free Library and Museum, Quaker Hill Road and Kirby Hill Road.

Learn more... "Business in Pa

The Pawling, New York for "JPEG" in the picture images map, north: south, east, and west in drawing color! Famous peoples, living and dying in Pawling!

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4th: Nancy Quackenbush, 1733-1831, Canajoharie, N.Y.

My 7th descents to Nancy Quackunbush Van Alstine!

Fourth, Garret fame's kinship of Nancy Quackenbush Van Alstine, born in Canajoharie, N.Y., and death, 98 years old in Mohawk Valley. "The Women of the American Revolution" By Elizabeth F. Ellet, Writer, and Author, One of Three Volumes, author, historian, poet, 1850.

Your seventh related of Toffey's family, I, Garret Sip Toffey, (1954- ) father of William V. Toffey III (1913 - 1993), mother of Clarice Antoinette Koonz (1887 - 1974), mother of Annie Crowen (1846 - 1921), father of Thomas J. Crowen (1807 - 1880), mother of Eleanor Van AlstIne (1786 - ), mother of Nancy Quackunbush Van Alstine.

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Dad's and Mom's Stories in Journalism....

In 1946, Topic Publishing Company's Drug Trade New in N.Y. City, first, Mom and new Dad in Journalism! Seventeen's Dad's Story in documents in SIPnAlive, buy my father in World War II in of 150 typewriters, to my The Jersey Journal newspaper to my peoples in WWII in Europe and after returned in typewriters in Kissimmee.

My 1st of five cousins, Akin "Hatch" Toffey, before retired, working for Vice President at American Express Credit Cards to AT&T Universal Card.

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Sunday, 1:30 PM, backyard on a motorcycle, but fall off!

Disaster Can Befall Any of Us

Garret had a thriving business, great family, my friends, and plenty of fun! Pastimes like motorcycles, traveling and music. Despite a terrific career, a rich social and leisure life, Garret's world was upended in 2006.

And also had some bad habits which may have been his undoing. As with so many of us, Garret developed a taste for some things we call vices. Unfortunately, Garret had a long-time Cigarette Habit and then got heavily involved with Marijuana and Cocaine.

One sunny Sunday day in July 3, 2006 he hopped on his motorcycle for northwest New Jersey looking forward to tomorrow evening fireworks with best friends. Before he even got going, he felt a terrible numbness and loss of body control overcome him!

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"Toffey the Coffee" while you read about Toffey...
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