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October 5, walking and far, north!

20 Picture

1st: walking, eight side Octagon, Gazebo, back.

S. Centre St. and
Chestnut Avenue.

Gilmore Ave., left,
Chestnut Ave. and
Park Ave.

Park Avenue -
car auto.

Corner, Park Ave.
& Cove Rd., straight.

Park Ave., & Norwood Ave.

Park Ave., (Bethel Ave): RR - slow walking!

After RR, Park Ave., right,
Cooper Ave.

Park Ave., right, Cooper Ave.

Cooper Ave., right, Elm Ave., metal table, snacks.

Elm Ave., stand up and walking, south.

Corner, Elm Ave., left, Orchard Ave.

Left, Pennsylvania Ave., Orchard Ave. & Union Ave.

Union Ave., right, Stockton Ave.; straight.

Corner, Union Ave., and Maple Ave: corner, CVS Store.

Right, Maple Ave., Flower Store; across a street..

Chipotle Mexican Grill - inside, beer & snack!

Maple Ave., RR, right, Bethel Ave., Rudderow Ave..

Right, Cove Rd., left, Chestnut Ave. & Park Ave.

Park Ave., left, side, S. Centre St., RiteAids Store.