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James Earl Jones, DSl Plus, 2000.

James Earl Jones (4/2000), Bell Atlantic in Philadelphia office, "Infospeed , DSL Plus for Business" - Verona Design, Marlton, NJ ('95-'01). Inside, 3-column. My art designer, illustration, printer, print shop.

In Jan., '01, new Verizon, Philadelphia, P.A. See: SipStudio.com / portfolio, portfolio, bottom, Verizon.

James Earl Jones home, southwest, Pawling, N.Y.!


The wedding, 2000

Wedding, April 15, '00, Saturday, Lisa, me and my brother Bill, left, 3 days (Bill, 2 day).

Two weeks: one week, Lisa and I, San Francisco area.

Airplane, Lisa and I to South Korea, brother Kyle, wife, Cynthia, 2 sister, Akina and Kyra. Kyle's family, 9 years, 2001-2010. But Kyle and family to San Francisco!


Me and Lisa -St Martin, August, 2001, 5 days!

Lisa and I to- St Martin, August, 2001, five days! Garret's friend, Dan, free in St Martin.


Magee, second calendar, 2008, ‘January, 2008’, “Cows and Winter."

After Magee Rehab, 3 month, July 11, to September, 2006, back to Magee, one month, top, 6 floors, 16th and Race Street, Philadelphia, Art Room.

Magee, "2" calendar, 2007 and 2008! First, top, right (large), 2007, "Plants," color, ‘2006 Drawing.'

And, first time Magee, second calendar, 2008, January, 2008, "Cows and Winter."


In 2004, Jasper, "proud," back middle of cabinet. Jasper, Upper Darby, PA, Pennsauken and Merchantville apartments dead, 16 years - 1994 to 2010!

In 2004, Jasper, "proud," back middle of cabinet. Jasper, Upper Darby, P.A., Pennsauken and Merchantville apartments dead, 16 years - 1994 to 2010!


6542 New basements

Winter, December, 1999, basements, front right wall, new main circuit breaker box, and me, lonely! Outside, electric meter, December, 2000. But, basements, front wall, old 100 volt, 240 distributions panel bus bar.


In 2nd of May, Saturday, 3 years, 2002 to 2004. President Jaclyn 2004, Art & Craft Show, Centre Street & Park Avenue.

Art & Craft Show, Centre Street & Park Avenue. In 2nd of May, Saturday, 2004.

President Jaclyn, Art & Craft Show, middle bottom, Park Avenue and Centre Street.Top, left, sign, "Merchantville Art Fair!" Janice , 2001, President, Art Show.

May, 2005 plus: no - Art & Craft Show!


'00, wall, kichen & dining room.

Inside, March, 2000, new kitchen & dining room, top wall plywood, measure, 4 ft x 8 ft; 9 ft height.


00;Mar 20;00, Back Yad; 2 Doors

First of March, back, no entrance door! Frank, repair, and more, new two steel sliding patio door!

Inside floor, same ceramic Marazzi Earth Sand 12 in. x 12 in tile, Ivory. Next, new oak woods, rails, oaks woods floors, and top a kitchen, oaks chairs.

Sideway, big trailers dumper, two months, February to April, 2000.


Front door, tallway, door, 42 inch!

February, front tall and dining. Left, top, height, lumber hardwood, two- 7 feet, light wood! 

Door, 42 inch width, old home, 2011, 85 years old, 1926*!



antique oil burners, basements!

Antique oil burners, basements, left side, 1925 - 2013, 88 years! But, below...


antique oil burners, basements!

New small gas furnace, Sept., 2013. One-third gas!


2002, back yard

Garage, '05, inside, Stihl Power Head Trimmers & Edger's [Happy Birthday to me, June 2, '84, Bill home, Mom & Dad!].

Stihl Trimmers, "my Cabin, Pawling, N.Y. & Pennsauken, NJ"

More garage: Leaf Blowers; Gas Mower; Stihl, 18 in. Gas Chain Saw; and more garage!


In summer, 2003, porch, underground, middle, flowers, floor, new 3-tier LED white cable floor, new 2 box, exterior two electrical outlet.

In summer, 2003, porch to garage, , underground, middle, flowers, floor, new 3-tier LED white cable floor, new 2 box, exterior two electrical outlet.

Next, underground to garage.


Garage, summer, 2003, unergounds and , 3 wires, and top, 2-light!

Garage, summer, 2003, underground and , 3 wires, and top, 2-light! Top right, new woods, ceiling and floor. Before, Spring, 2000 New Cabin, back, new woods, walls. See, right, "Basements, woods!"


Basements, front middle room, laundry machine. But, fall, 2000, first floor back, right, new bathroom. And left, new wasting and drying machines! Wall, old five yellow cabinets! Top, ceiling, left and right, new ¾ woods for hangers shirt and pants

Fall, 2000, 1st floor back, bathroom, left, new wasting and drying machines! Right, new sink and new toilet!

Wall, old five yellow cabinets! Top, left and right, new ¾ woods for hangers, shirt and pants.

But, 70* years old, 1930's to 2001, basements, front middle room, laundry machine.


Computer, new L-Desk with short Hutch and three-drawer storage cabinet

Computer, new L-Desk with short Hutch and three-drawer storage cabinet and new dark brown chairs, cherry woods, fall, 2000 to 2006 in a basements.


Gazebo, clown suit & 3 children, Chestnut Avenue and Centre Street

Gazebo, clown suit & 3 children, Chestnut Avenue and Centre Street. Second Saturday, 2004, Art and Craft Show and Sale.




Oct. 5, '12, walking, far, north: 20 picture; 3 1/2 hours!

Oct. 11, '12, walking, south, Amy's Omelet, and back to home!


Winter, 2000, 5 month; Kitchen!

One month in December, 1999, "Old Kitchen," Craftsman cordless screwdriver!

Four month, December, '99 - early of April, 2000, and "two" homes, Upper Darby, P.A.


Christmas Tree! End of December, 2000, living room

Christmas Tree! End of December, 2000, living room (left/right): Brother Bill, wife Kathy, dating, Garret and Lisa!


First time, working, kitchen, old dishwasher!

First time, working, kitchen, right and back, old dishwasher and wall, 3-studs! Five stairs down, outside, winter!


First time, working, kitchen, old dishwasher!

End of December, left and back, old oven, old microwave. Back, closet, and old bathroom!


January, 2000,, back right, old closet, ad old door, oldbath room, yellow toilet and back, yellow sink.

January, 2000, back left, old closet. Right, old door, old haft-bath room, yellow toilet and back, yellow sink. Old laundry, basements, front room, hot and cold water.


Kitchen, old oven, left back, bathroom and closet.

Kitchen, turn left, old refrigerator,right, old oven, left back, bathroom and old closet.


Turn right, old dining room, bear wall door, kitchen. Back door close, middle ankle, old bear woods to top ceiling. Five step to back door.

Turn right, old dining room, bear wall door, kitchen. Back door close, middle ankle, old bear woods to top ceiling. Five step to back door.


Winter, back yard, old!

In 2000, winter, backyard, old studs, old woods, old wall, etc! And outside, old porch. But, one years letter, summer and fall, 2001, new porch, left & Right!


00,Home, Fall; Spike

"Home," fall, 2000, front 42 inch door and Spike!Spike died, almost 17 years, October, '05.


Lucy in top of Christmas tree, 2003!

Lucy in top of Christmas tree, 2003!

See, Fifteen Cats and two Dogs!


Apartments, after Jasper died in fall, 2010, one month, Bill and I to PetSmart, insides, right middle store, woman working cats cages, girl cat, 8 years old, same name, "Missy" since 1987!


2000, spring, new kitchen, new dining room, new bath room, back Door, 2.

In 2000, end of March, new kitchen, new dining room. New bathroom sink, white, new toilet. Laundry room, new washing and dryer, Sears. Right, 5 stairs down and new 2 - back door.



New kitchan, front 12 ceiling light

April, 2000, New Kitchen: Middle, left, new Oven, Sears!. Middle, sink; top and bottom, new Cherry woods cabinet!

Top, small three-ways, 3-light bulbs and bottom, small three-ways, 3-light bulbs.

Kitchen, top, 12 - ceiling hot light, rounds.


Four and ½ month, one of 2 fan and lighting, dining room and kitchen fan.

April, 2000, new Dining room! Top, ceiling, 3-fans & light bulb, same, kitchen, top, 3-fan & light bulb.

Two-cold fans, summer, top of kitchen and dining room. Upstairs, four beds and top of a bathroom.


New kitchen floor tile.

New kitchen floor tile, March, 2000. Next month, April, 2000, downstairs bathroom floor tile. Same bathroom floor tile and kitchen floor tile, 12 inch x 12 inch Sand tile!


Basements, woods new cabin, Pawling, NY. Home, basements, front, left and right side and back, Spring, 2001.

New cabin, 2000, Pawling, N.Y., pine wood 5/8 in. wall paneling, backyard, wall, ceiling and floor. And summer, driving to 6542 Collins Avenue.

Spring, 2001, middle and floor, new pine wood wall paneling.

Back, garage, top left 7/4 inch floor and ceiling!


February, 200, tall, uostairs, ceiling, second floors

February, 2000, tall, upstairs, new ceiling, second steps, left!


Back yard, girl cat, Wanda. VW Passas Wagen; basketball!

backyard, girl cat, Wanda. VW Passat Wagon. And new basketball, summer, 2005!


Firs home, 6542 Collins Avenue, 1930. Floor, upstairs and downstairs. Right, living room floor, hall floor and dining room floor, pine woods, 3/4 inch width.

New home, 6542 Collins Avenue, 1930. Floor, upstairs and downstairs. Right, living room floor, hall floor and dining room floor, pine woods, 3/4 inch width. North Carolina Pine Tree Woods, 1930. But, November, 1999 and before, front hall, "old Tile!"


porch top 3-1ight_

Summer, 2002, back porch, ladder to top, new framing bracing the ridge board solid woods. Next step, new pine roofing!

After, myself, top, new three, "light roof window." Ankle roof, two, large light window and right, small" light roof window, two door. Roof metal edge extends, so water will drip clear of wall.


In 2002, new cup, SIP | STUDIO. In 12 cups x 5 mail cup = 60 cup! White cup and black “SIP.”

In 2002, new cup, SIP | STUDIO. In 12 cups x 5 mail cup = 60 cup! White cup and black "SIP." Top, Quench You Thirst For Success." Bottom, "SIP | STUDIO.com" Small, "Web Design | Web Marketing | Consultant." But before stroke, people, 20 plus "SIP!"



2000, southwest Jersey, NJ...

"Zip Code, Pennsauken & Merchantville: 08109"

New Home in 1924: 6542 Collins Avenue; four beds!

New home, 6542 Collins Avenue, Pennsauken, South Jersey in 1924, father, working for Aerators for kitchen in General Electric, N.J. Outside, middle front center large door, 42 inch! Two windows, left and right, first and second!

Inside hall, turn right, dining room, kitchen, haft-bath and left, big living room. Side door, heater porch! Upstairs, bathroom and four bedrooms and attic! Basements middle back room, big-pulls walls, 2 x 2, back, cedar wood closet!

My mother, Dorothy died in September 23, 1999 in Kissimmee, F.L, But before dead, my parent's estate, and three boys, money, split one—thirty. Two month in November, dating, Lisa in Reading, P.A.. November 16, 1999, I bought a home in Pennsauken, "as-is" from the bank. But, 92 years, 2016, "Ghost House!"

History Old Home in Pennsauken, "As-Is" from a bank!
History New 4* month: hall, kitchen, dining, haft bath, 5-stairs, 2-door...`
History Lisa, Garret and Edward in Collins Avenue...
History Wedding, San Francisco and South Korea, two weeks
History More home, May, 2000...
History Verona Design, Working Home & Krames Patient Education
History First Presbyterian Church of Merchantville...
History September, 2009, 7 block to apartment in Merchantville...
History Four years,Walking Far! North, South, East,West!
History Sept., '13, moving back home in Collins Ave.; 60 years, Gluten Free!

12 year before, 1986 to 1998, Family - Mess!  

Mess! November, 1999 in basements, first floor, second floor, and outside, father, John, mother, son, John, and sister! In a back of kitchen wall ankle, right of door, hole stud, empty old bottle liquor, John, Sr., or mother! Basement middle room in ceiling, empty liquor! And back right, above in ceiling, under back door,old investments, old banks debit!

Outside in 6542 in front sidewalk in tree, John, axed in middle wood tree! [In 2001, tree cut off in floor!] A son, John in front side of car cements, cut ax!!! 

(After old, new home, November, 1999, five or six block in renter, father John family!)

In summer, 2011, Vincent's Pizza, Park Avenue, Merchantville, NJ, inside, one slice pizza and ice tea, back, checker, woman, upstairs renter, older sister for 12 years, 1986 - 1998, 6542 Collins Avenue in Pennsauken, father, John, wife, son, John, and sister! Mess!

Dating, Lisa and I, same month in November, 1999...

Dating, Lisa and I [above], November in 1999, but living to Reading, P.A.. Lisa, fall to spring, first grade in Reading, P.A., since 1990! Five and one-haft month, December to middle of a June, Friday night in Upper Darby, driving west to #76, Lisa car in Reading. One car, back to old, new home in Pennsauken. Two days, Sunday afternoon, Pennsauken, back to #76 in Reading, Lisa apartments, one a week, six month. Lisa's grandma, senior nurse home care, died in spring, 2000.

But problems for Lisa and Garret! [Three below, "Edward, Lisa and Garret in 6542 Collins. Avenue..."

Old: 4 & 1/2 month, after 5:30 pM, working late...

Two Home's: Pennsauken, NJ & Upper Darby, P.A., 4 1/2 month!

Verona Design Inc., after working, 5:30 pm from Marlton, 25 minute, old home, 6 pm, Monday to Friday, six plus hours, after midnight, working late! One am, back to home in Upper Darby. Maybe, Saturdays, Upper Darby driving to old home in Collins Avenue in Pennsauken. But Sunday, Alden Union Church, Alden, NJ, 1985 to March, 2000.

Old Home: hall, dining room, kitchen, bath, five step, one-door

"Big House" since 1925 in Pennsauken! Outside, middle front center large door, 42 inch. Inside hall, above of ceiling, studs, 4 ft x 3 ft, pipes, before November, 1999. Turn right, old dining room, walking to 36 inch width door to kitchen.

Left to right, old refrigerator, old oven, old dishwasher, old stove, old dishwasher (right). Top of old 3—ceilings, three layers woods!

Kitchen floor, old vinyl tiles!

Back left, old closet. Right, old door, "Old Yellow" bathroom: Old Yellow sink, Old Yellow toilet, and white floor, old tile! Middle to top, wall papers, old "trees and grasses," four walls, dark brown and yellow woods. Middle to bottom floor, tiles, yellow and white!

First floor, middle to top, wall papers, kitchen, dining room, hall and old living room. Upstairs and second floor, same, wall papers, hall, and four beds!

Remodeling Plans For New Dining Room And New Kitchen, but...

Next week, book by "Home Improvements Manual: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Renovating, Modernizing, and Adding Space to Your Home" for new dining room and new kitchen, but side to side? Or, front and back, ceiling?

Yes! Left to right side ceiling for house! A remodeling for new dining room, kitchen, downstairs bathroom, back, five steps down, and big, new, two doors!

First time working, kitchen, old wall and painting to off dark wood. Craftsman cordless screwdriver! Back, right, old woods wall and 3—ceiling, 3—strut, kitchen, closet and back, old bathroom, two months. Kitchen, right, old closet, bathroom, old sink, old toilet, floor tile. And kitchen, old refrigerator, old oven, old dishwasher, old stove, old wall and ceilings, 3 studs!

Old dining room and old ceiling light. See, Story of Stroke, right, bottom/old dining room, old kitchen and old bathroom. Cleaner remover, and "Husky 14-in-1 painter's Tool!" After stroke, same Husky 14-to1 tools!

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New: kitchen, dining room, hall, bathr5 steps, --door!

New kitchen and floor tile and Frank

In winter, end of December, 1990, hall, dining room and kitchen, papers off wall and bar off, open old cider woods dining room, a middle door to kitchen. Back door close, but right, middle to back top, ankle woods, nails and plaster cements.

Late of evening, early of February, new wall and ceiling insulation, kitchen and dining room, but slowly, bottom to top. But, across a street, parents, John and Carol, before November, 1999 and John old friend, Frank, paining and repairs, retired in 65*. First time, Frank across a street to my home, middle of February too early April, 2000, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, repairs. Next Monday, 9 am, Frank, finish for wall insulation, front hall, right, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom insulation.

Frank and I, day off, tall top, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, top, 4 ft x 8 ft ceiling, white, ½ inch height, and right, inside, March, 2000.

I, new kitchen, nine ceilings light, electric 6 in. white recessed lighting housings and trims. Two lights, back wall, four lighting and middle wall, five lighting.

End of February, 2000, bear walls ceilings for dining room and kitchen, but building for new cabinet, cherry woods for kitchen! Left, top of refrigerator, top and top and bottom cabinets. Back, top and bottom, ankle, middle to bottom, and right, more cherry woods.  Middle side, top of three cabinet, new clear glasses for white wine, bowl gasses!

Driving to Sears©, in Voorhees, NJ, Lisa and I, inside store, and three kitchen store, and black! Two, KitchenAid, middle side, convection oven. Back, ankle, 30 inch gas cook top, 4 burners including power cook burners.

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Edward, Lisa and Garret in 6542 Collins Avenue...

No perfect solution of Edward and Lisa. Me, middle line at one year in Collins Avenue. Left, Edward. And right, Lisa.

Edward and I...

Strong feeling for Edward and I, Junior High School in Tenafly, NJ to 2014 - 42 year! But together, Edward and I, 23 years; 46 Street and 47 Street and Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia, Hampen Road in P.A., and Collins Avenue in Pennsauken! [My Birthday Party in 2014, 20 closes friends, families, and Ed!]

In May, 2000, Edwards and I, Upper Darby, P.A., moving to 6542 Collins Avenue. But, one time, winter evening, Ed, me and dog, Spike, walking. Edward's talking to me for Lisa, "too much for Lisa, Edward and myself."

In May, 2001, Jillian, Master's Degrees for North Carolina Duke University, north to living to Edward, condo, #38 and Moorestown, NJ

Next year marriages, Ed and Jillian, May, 2001, Next one and one-haft year in 2003, Edward and Jillian in north-west, Franklin, NJ

Edward and Cheese, big shopping in South Philadelphia since 1981. But, 2003, working for Cheese Distributors Products and Supplies.

Lisa and I....

Fighting, Lisa and Garret! In dining room table, two hours in Saturday in March! But Lisa, win! Summer, Lisa looking for jobs in Pennsauken, Cherry Hill School area, 1st grade.

But, August, Lisa, 1st grade in Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Pennsauken, 11 one-haft blocks to my house, six years! Six years, fall to spring, Monday to Friday, Ben Franklin School, Lisa car to house, launch, 40 minute to school.

Moving to new home, Edward, Garret, dog, Spike, and five cats names, Jasper, Monk, Sasha and two twins  boy and girl cats, Jeeter and Wanda in May. Same month in Reading, P.A., Lisa birth, 1965 to 2000, grandma's small dog(s), Spaniel, wikipedia.org, white and tan, but 35 years, no cats!

But same month, Lisa allergy symptoms for cats! One year, spring, 2000 to 2001, Lisa, allergy, outside cats, back patio porch, and, cold, windy, raining and snowing, summer, fall, winter and spring! One time, boy cat, Monk, winter, 2000, outside and cold and windy!

But summer, 2001, Lisa's allergy, but inside cats. See below, Wedding, two weeks and next years, St. Martin Island. June, 2000, Lisa, Garret, two, dogs, Spike and Lisa's girl dog, and five cats = nine animals! See, Pets, Sports, Cars/Fifteen Cats and Two Dogs.

Lisa and two cats, moving out in 2005 

In 2005, Lisa's moved out and 20 miles east and new younger man, Peter's home in Moorestown. But, Lisa's two cats, Monk and Jeeter. But Lisa, no money (before Lisa, 1/2 income, $60,000, 2005)!

Six years, April, 2006, Lisa divorce. Three month, Story of Stroke.

Several days in Rehab in bed, visiting Lisa. Maybe, after home, re-marriage Lisa and I! But, first of July, Lisa marriage Peter, front lobby in Magee Rehab, before stroke, May, 2006!

Six month, April, 2007, Lisa's two twin's baby. Adam and Lily. Adam, severe autism and Lily, almost blind.

One year later, 2007, Peter divorce, but staying back in Moorestown, Lisa, and two children, and twin cats, Jeeter and Wanda in 2014.

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Wedding, two weeks and next years, St. Martin Island

Two weeks for Lisa and I! One week, Lisa and I, west, north to San Francisco. Cynthia's sister and husband, stating to me and Lisa, three days, north San Francisco. But, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, four days, down, "Fisherman's Wharf Hotels."

First time wedding day, April, 15, Saturday. And I, Lisa and Brother Bill, two day hotel, beach (right), rings!

After, Sunday to Saturday, 6 days, me and Lisa, airplane, Seoul, South Korea. Airplane, brother Kyle, 2 years old, but 1/2 hours north, to town, Paul!. (North, 1/2 hours, border, North Korea. Google Map: Paul, South Korea! And Kyle wife, Cynthia, or Genn, and 2 sister, Akina and Kyra. Kyle families, 9 years, North West Paul Working, Seoul, South Korea, 45 minute south, America's Army, Hotel, computers.

But, Kyle and Genn, moving, 2010, to San Francisco, Berkeley, and CA. Genn mother, large home, concrete slab, first and second floor. Genn father died, 2009. And Genn grandmother died small home, Kyle and Genn. Three minute walking to large home.

St. Martin Island

Next years, airplane, August, 2001, Lisa and I, airplane to St Martin Island, Dutch Side. Saint Marten and Saint-Mart Martin, 5 days - www.youtube.com/Philipsburg, St. Martin Netherlands Antilles (French) and "Saint Marten."

My friends, Dan and I, start friends since 1976, West Philadelphia. But Dan and wife, Lisa, move two times, Brooklyn, N.Y. and after, Princeton, NJ area. But, Dan family, 2003, moves to Miami area. Dan, working, Cisco Systems. My friends, Dan and I, start 1976, West Philadelphia one block to 46th Street. But Dad and wife, Lisa, move two times, Brooklyn, N.Y. and after, Princeton, NJ area. But, Dan family, 2003, moves to Miami area.

Dan wedding list from Lisa and I, for free in St Martin Island!

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More Home, May, 2000 plus's...

Basements, new woods, cabin

First time new cabin, 2000, Pawling, N.Y., me and Spike, dog. But next years, summer, family reunion, 2001, 50 plus family!

My Dad's Cabin, 10 acres to top, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y.! New Cabin, car, 10 minute down, backyard, cemetery, "21 Toffey." And 3 minute, corner, Christ Church and across a street, Akin Free Library & Museum! New Cabin, inside floor, walls, pine beaded wood wainscoting, 9/16-in. thick, each board is 3 in. Ceiling and floor, first and second floor, 7/8 inch pine woods.

But backyards, cabin lumber woods, walls pine beaded wood wainscoting, and ceiling and floor, 9/16-in. thick, each board is 3 in. wide. Sunday, VW Passat Wagon, back, 9/16 walls and 7/8 wood ceiling and floors, 3 1/2 hours south to Pennsauken. Home, garage, top, 7/8 wood pint woods. And basements, 9/16 walls wood pine.

Next time, home, left side porch, floor, 7/8 inch pine woods. And side porch, ceiling, "Husky", The Home Depot, 14-in-1 painter's tool, spring, 2006, old and new woods.

Spring and summer, 2003, basements, middle, woods lumber, left and right, top and bottom. Big! Middle, back, right, drums! Middle, back, left, open and close door, woods! Three of four doors, 2 woods, after, winter pants, shirt, ties, and sheets.

Basements, May, 2001, new L-Desk & new chairs!

Verona Design Inc., working for Art Director, but late off, April, Monday, first of month, 2001. Front door, 3 pm, sits down. Lisa, driving back to home, after Ben Franking School, 1st grade, me, "late off!"

Learn more... "New Kitchen, Dining, Hall, Bath, 5-Steps, Two-Door"

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Verona Design, Working Home & krames store

Verona Design Inc.,

Third, for adversities, Verona Design Inc., Marlton, NJ, President, Linda, 1997 to April, 2001. Garret`s, Artist Designer, Graphic, Illustration, Photoshop, Quark, prep, printing ('95-'01). The copywriter, Frank and I, fun and working! Maureen, graphic artist, mark-up, prep. Karen front office and Linda’s, post-time jobs for Quark, artist design.

Adversities people enclosed: Bell Atlantic Business, four years, 1998-2000, and after, Verizon; Hoechst Celanese Corp.; Skybox; Alco Stand Corp., and more company.

James Earl Jones (4/2000), Bell Atlantic in Philadelphia office, "Infospeed , DSL Plus for Business" for Verona Design, inside, 3-column. Selling in new Earl Jones house in southwest Pawling, N.Y. (4/2000)! And Earl Jones house in Pawling,N.Y., illustrator for "JPG" in simple color!

April, 2001 to April, 2004, my home in basements, working!

New working to "Home," basements, back. And back winter, 6 cats, basements, winter to porch! This week, L-Desk with Right Return and Hutch, Cherry Woods. Like L-Desk and Hutch - Youtube.com, "Somerset by Bush Signature."

Home, basements, right back, working, to April, 2004. Three month, fall, 2001, CIW Certification Courses Certified, Webmaster of Web Design Professionals, Marlton Pike & Springdale Road, Cherry Hill. See, "My Home, CIW." 

In 2002, new cup, SIP | STUDIO. In 12 cups x 5 mail cup = 60 cup! White cup and black "SIP." Top, Quench You Thirst For Success." Bottom, "SIP | STUDIO.com" Small, "Web Design | Web Marketing | Consultant." But stroke, five cups. But before stroke, people, 20 plus "SIP!" See right, "SIP."

See: South East P.A.; Three "Home" - "1998, Sip Studio, Inc."

Steve Thompson Communication, Writer, Three Years

But "lay off," April, 2001. Home, back, 5 stairs down and basements, but more SipStudio.com/Web Designer.  And working, writer, Steve Thompson, Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ, 2001-2004, three years. And Steve and me, same age, 2013! Steve Thompson Communications, Stephen C. Thompson, "Entertainment Projects through Effective Marketing Communications." Feather, film marketing, www.thomcomm.net Steve, 3 or 4 web sites. And me, web side, pictures, and more web side. After, April, 2004, evening and Saturday and/or Sunday, Steve and me, more web designer, illustrator and Dreamweaver, back end.

2nd Saturday, May; 2002 to 2004, "Art & Craft Show"

In second Saturday, 2001, me and wife, Lisa to town, "Artist Show and Sale." Tent sale, Maple Avenue, Centre Street, Park Avenue. Maple Avenue and Centre Street, tent, sign in, President, Janice Wilson Stridick, "Artist Show and Sale," four block to house, Walnut Avenue.  

Next year, Janice Wilson Stridick, writer, me and 4 - 6 people, "Artist Show and Sale," one month, to May, 2002. Inside business, Park Avenue, working. May 2nd Saturday, 2002, Art Show and Sale. Maple Avenue Centre Street, Park Avenue and Chestnut Avenue.

But, 2nd Saturday, May, 2003 and 2004, new President Jaclyn. And me and Jaclyn's house, Maple Avenue and Westminster Avenue, Art & Craft Show, 2003 and 2004. Jaclyn, me, Lynn North and 3 or 5 people, working, 5 or 6 time, 2003 and 2004. Working,.

And 2nd of May, Saturday, in 2002, 2003 and 2004, 3 years. Woman names, Lynn North, same age a me. And husband, Frank North, 112 St James Place and Maple Avenue, corner, Merchantville. And Lynn and me, working, 3 years, "Artist & Craft Sale!" But husband, working, Maple Avenue and Centre Street, upstairs, Monday to Friday, Mayer Frank M. North! Web site, Merchantville Right, picture, Mayer Frank M. North, Borough of Merchantville, New Jersey!Home, Lynn and Frank North, St James Place and Maple Avenue, Merchantville, NJ: Google Map.

Walking to Park, end of summer, 2012, Chestnut Avenue, but stop. Frank North and daughter, walking to Park. But spring or summer, 2013, Saturday, maybe, Lynn and Frank North and me, walking to Park!

Bennie.com: Joseph J. Bennie, Attorney; after stroke,

Business, one and ½ years, winter, 2002 to summer, 2003, people. Ten to twenty people, one day a two weeks, 1 ½ years. First, working, son, Joseph J. Bennie, #70 and after, Haddonfield Road. And new site, www.BennieLaw.com. And me, picture, web site, and more. law. Son, Joseph J. Bennie, #70 and after, Haddonfield Road. And new site, www.Bennielaw.com. And me, picture, web site, and more.

After stroke, July, 2006, but 6 years, 2012, me and Brother Bill, office attorney, PNC Bank, and rant, Peter and Diane Bindig. But, end of spring, For Sale, Peter and Diane Bindig, 6542 Collins Avenue, Pennsauken.

CreativeWindowsUnlimited.com: Lonnie Horwits, Window

Business people, but one, man, same a me, Present owner, Lonnie Horwits, Voorhees, NJ Lonnie, new web site, CreativeWindowUnlimited.com. Lonnie and me, working, excellent window, personalized service and quality custom window treatments and custom reupholster. And wife and 2 children, boy and old sister. And Lonnie and me, home, Voorhees, 5 or 6 time.

And more www.sipstudio.com/portfolio/webdesign.

Krames Patient Education, April, 2004, but two Years...

And after, April, 2004, working for Krames Patient Education, www.kramesstore.com, Yardley, P.A., 35* offices persons, four floor building. Big desk, three walls, web designer, Apple and PC. Front middle center, dark wood table and chairs.

But evening, and Saturday and Sunday, working, Krames Patient Education, web site, home, basements. And computer, Apple and PC. And me, three office furniture, chair and desk!

And spring to fall, sun light, motorcycles riding to Yardley, P.A., 45 minute north, motorcycle, and 10 minute to Krames Patient Education. And back to home. Forty-five minute, but fun! In money, 2005 a years, almost $50,000.

And after working, evening and Saturday and Sunday, me and Steve Thompson, writer, three web site, but me, pictures, internet, web designer! And Steve, and me, Collingswood, and more work, web designer. But home, back, basements, working, Krames Patient Education, Steve Thompson and two more men and I, web designer and Dreamweaver!

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First Presbyterian Church of Merchantville

After stroke, three month, August to October, 2008, church parents and I to Trinity United Methodist Church. First time, lunch, Merchantville Diner, and front table, parents and 20 years old son, and cards, "SIPnAlive!" to Trinity United Methodist Church, parents and son, front singing chores. But next Sunday, parents front yard and car to Trinity United Methodist Church.

And few, three years, March, 2011, first time walking to First Presbyterian Church in Merchantville, Maple Avenue and Centre Street! And, June, new member! Pastor William W. Gaskill and wife, Mary Gaskill, Cherry Hill.

And me and parents, Donna and Rich McKean, new member in Summer, First Presbyterian Church, Monday, 9 am – 1 pm, gym, Thrift Store! And 5 or 6 time, Thrift Store, shirt, pants, jacket! Used pants, $1.50!

May 9, Monday am, walking to 2011, church office. Pastor Bill and I, 15 minute. Summer, church office, secretary, Kathy and I, web designer, new FPC Merchantville, back-end, but Kathy, old, www.fpcmerchantville.com, renew, 2 years, one month before!

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Four years, 9/'09-9/13, apt, 55* in Merchantville

In September, 2009, moving to apartment, 20 West Chestnut Avenue. Seven block to 6542 Collins Avenue, rent, Peter and Diane. But four years, moving back to 6542 Collins Avenue in Pennsauken, NJ Seven block to 20 W. Chestnut Avenue in Merchantville.

apartments, walking to Chestnut Park...

March, 2012 to October, 2012, seven month, walking to Park, Chestnut Avenue and Centre Street. One day weeks, seven month, sun, light rain and light windy, and stop. Small and large chin-up and chin-down, Chestnut Avenue and Morris Avenue. Chin up and down, left and right, top and bottom, and right and left, 20 minute to 45 minute.

Monday, 9, 2012, walking and far, top-right, two: "October 5, 2012, walking north: 20 pictures, 3 1/2 hours!" And six days, "Oct. 11, '12, Walking, South, Amy's Omelet, And back to apartment".  

December, 2012, walking to Park, Chestnut Avenue and Morris Avenue but stop: "no small and large three chin-up and chin-downs!" Sad!

End of February, 2013, trucks, tracker and two - four men working, Chestnut Avenue, but large Park black cements! And first time, first of March, end and end, Chestnut Avenue and Cove Road. And south to end, Euclid Avenue and Chestnut Avenue, and walking to apartment.

July 16, apartment, first time walking to Route 130, Dunkin' Donuts, DunkinDonuts.com Google Map: Chestnut Avenue, Center Street and Cove Road, #130, 9 block!

And three time, Dunkin' Donuts , #130 & Cove Road! But, more walking...

"Killing Lincoln," Maple Avenue, Wellwood Park, bench

July 13, 14, 15, 17, start, walking to Park, Chestnut Avenue and Morris Avenue. But stop! Small chin-up, chin-down. And walking three blocks to Browning Avenue. Turn left one block top, and light. West Maple Avenue, one blocks to Wellwood Park. Walking to middle, Park bench, sit down. Bag, and big book, "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly. Amazom.com." Haft way! Google Map, Four; 1st: Start, W. Chestnut Ave. 2nd: to Browning Rd to W Maple Ave.  3rd: Wellwood Park & W. Maple Ave. 4th: Maple Ave & Park Ave.

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...But, moving back to home in 6542 Collins Avenue!

On September, 2013, I and his two cats are moving back to his home, 6542 Collins Avenue, after 4 years at 20 W Chestnut Avenue.

I would like to share my house with another adult about my age. In October, 2013, woman, Karen, same age at me, upstairs, back left bed. Before, Karen, working to nurse but car accident, 20 years.

Walking far: north, south, east, and west.

In December 21, 2013, 10:40, walking west to Chapel Avenue and Route 38 in Cherry Hill, Dunkin' Donuts. Inside, bag, bug and cocoanut donut. Back to home, 6542 Collins Avenue, 3.50 miles, three pictures!Facebook, sip@sipnalive.com, December 21, 2013.

And one more time, July 1, same walking to Chapel Avenue and Route 38, Dunkin Donut and back to home

One more time, walking south, Amy's Omelet, Cuthbert Boulevard, and Cherry Hill (three eggs and pancake). And walking south, Route 38, and walking, Route 70, to Cuthbert Blvb., right to Park Blvd, Copper River! Middle to Copper River, building, inside, low battery. Fifteen minute, walking back, right to Route 38, but polices in Cherry Hill, two! After polices and I to home. Average, 7 hours!

Sixty years, Gluten Free Diet!

Ten years old to 2004, weight scale 160 to 170; average, 165, 6.0 feet high.  But, 2004, myself, after stroke, loss of weight scale, 144.5 in bathroom! And loss iron pills! And fall, Catherine, RD, CDR Nutrition in Cherry Hill, doorbell, my home in kitchen, refrigerator, frozen, and cabinet - gluten!

Hard, two week, but stop and, 1 of 133 peoples are gluten free diet!  Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, used to treat celiac disease!

Worse; Better; Worse; but slowly walking!

Sun day in home, alarm, 8:30, and 10:20, walking to church, 9 and 1/2 blocks, front door, inside, pew. After church in front door, walking back to home.

But, five or six time, Sunday am of September, 2014, alarm, 8:30 am, but, me, 10* sleep, and after, no First Presbyterian Church — weaker, wobble, and worse!

New MamMaL, little-bit better, noontime, slowly walking. And more MamMaL, Monday, December 7, noontime, back porch, walking to McFarlands' Market, Centre Street and Park Ave ne, pause, inside, coffee and 2 banana. But outside, resume, walking back to home, back porch, 1.66 miles!

In January 9, 2016, Mammal, back porch, walking, Cove Rd and Rogers Ave, turn bach home, back porch, but, "Do or Die!"

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