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Spring, 2000 in back yard, angle old wall!

Spring, 2000 in back yard, angle old wall!


Jan., 6, '13, park_Chestnut_Ave Browning Rd

January 6, 2013, walking to Park, winter, Browning Road and Chestnut Avenue, west and back to home.





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Working to home, basements. This week, L-Desk with hutch, Cherry Woods desk. Like L-Desk and Hutch in Staple in Cherry Hill - Fully Reversible L-Desk with Hutch, cherry woods and second cabinet. Basements,right side back, computer, printer, file folders, two bottom cherry woods.

Three month, fall, 2001, CIW Certification Courses Certified, Webmaster of Web Design Professionals, Marlton Pike & Springdale Road, Cherry Hill. My Home, middle top, CIW, Webmaster of Web Design Professionals. But April, 2004, working, web designer, Krames Patient Education, Yardley, P.A. First to four floor,, twelve to 15 peoples, Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 5 pm, but me, 5:30-6 pm plus, front and center. And large office, four floor!

Working home, night time, Saturday and Sunday, two or three people. Me, web designer. Basements, working, but me, two, Apple and PC.


Upstairs, December, 1999 to April, 2000, old and new PAints, upstairs, hall, four beds and bathroom. In 2001, upstairs, front left, big bed, ceiling, 5-fan and light! But, three years before, Hampton Road, upstairs, front be. Ceiling, 5-fan and light!

Bathroom, PAints wall and top, 3 inch papers in Route 73, Laurel, NJ, Lisa and I, walls paper Shop. In 2002, bathroom sink, top, Design house, 30 inch 5-light honey oak vanity light fixture in The Home Depot.

New Patio porch

In spring, 2002, new back patio porch in Voorhees. Manager two or three workers back walls, left and right. Top of a wall and middle, 2 inch x 2 inch. And middle and bottom, aluminum. Two month men working. And new 36 inch back door.

But, next summer, back porch, my ladder to top, new framing bracing the ridge board solid woods. Next, me, new roof. And new "three light roof window," -- myself. Ankle roof, two, large light window and right, small" light roof window, two door. Roof metal edge extends, so water will drip clear of wall.

backyards, underground floor boxed

And more woods, garage, top, wall and floor, 9/16 pine woods. After New Cabin, winter, 2000, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y.!

Summer 2003, backyard, car, underground, outside (outside, flower), middle, floor, new 3-tier LED white cable floor, new 2 box, exterior two electrical outlet., Help: How to install a power receptacle outside. New 2 boxes. (But receptacle outside).  Woods, 3 inch width x 3 inch depth x 4 inch height.

After two-box, underground to garage, new 3-tier LED white cable.


First time garage door, left side, right side and back. Ladder top, right garage roof repair But November, 2014, new roof and garage roof. But next summer, 2014, inside wall repair, left, right and back.

Inside garage, before 1999, no light boxed. But summer, 2003, new three white cable box, four out boxes, and top, light bulb, two!

"More Home, May, 2000 plus's...

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