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Russell Markert: Film Choreographers and Dance Directors: An Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia with a History and Filmographies, 1893 Through 1995 [Hardcover]

Spring, '71, first VW_replacing, Red, 62

First used car, Volkswagen, Red Beetles [new, 1962], Spring, before license, replacing, backyard barnyard. But running, front and backyard Red Bug! Fun!

And friends and family, VW for me replace, since 1973 to 1987!


Spring, '71, first VW_replacing, Red, 62

July 18, 1973, back barn, Arson! And after, 3 more time, arson, Tenafly and Englewood! Brother Bill's friend, 4 street south, same age at Bill, arson!

VW Red Beetle, engine. Next Saturday, friend, down a street, my engine, to '64 or '65, white VW Beetle and driving Volkswagen Beetle!

See 1961-1983, Tenafly, barn arson.


“The ’51 ’52 ’53 ’54 ’55 ’56 ’57 ’58 ’59 ’60 '61 Volkswagen.”

"The '51 '52 '53 '54 '55 '56 '57 '58 '59 '60 '61 Volkswagen"  -

Advertising wall, measuring, 10 ¼ x 13 ¼ inch, and mat frames and glasses frame, 14 ¼ x 16 ¼ inch. Twenty-five years, dining room in 2/2014.


"It comes in thre

"It comes in three economy size."

1967 Volkswagen original vintage advertisement. Pictured are the VW Beetle, VW Squareback and the 21-window Bus. It comes in three economy sizes. [thingouttabox wordpress, com.]


"The Volkswagen Theory of Evolution."

"The Volkswagen Theory of Evolution."

The 1963 Volkswagen Beetle original vintage advertisement. Illustrated in black & white and features each model year from 1949 to 1963. 
[thingouttabox wordpress, com.]


Grandma & Mister Jones, 1953

Backyard in Paramus, 1959, "Mister Jones" and I, hugging! First family boy cat, "Mister Jones" 1950 to 1964 in Tenafly.



1960, summer, 3 kitten

Three boys and first's three kittens in spring, 1960, left – right. Kyle's girl Jangle, five years old died. Bill's girl's Jingle, but 20 years old. Garret's boy name Spooky but died, two month old.

But, one month, Mom and I ..


Pepsi and chair, '68.

Mom and I, driving to person's home, spring, 1960, 10 minute way. In a bathroom, six kittens. But, one holding to me, names, Pepsi.

Pepsi and chair, 1968, Tenafly. Pepsi, 19 years!


Xxx xx.

Chair, two twins! Boy, Tissy (top); girl, Missy, summer, '87. Four month, girl dog, Bijoux.

Left, lamp, "two-mommy", grandma.

Antiques tables over tables, side, my parents antique.


Home outside left side, young boy cat, 8 month, cat foot and water, 1980. But cat, inside and sleep! Three month more, my cat to front door. But 5 minute, cat died, car accident, but driving on!

Home outside left side, young boy cat name, 8 month, cat foot and water, 1980. But cat, inside and sleep! Three month more, my cat to front door. But 5 minute, cat died, car accident, but driving on!


Old Missy, new Monk, 2 month and Jesper, one years old, 1995 in dining room.

Old Missy, new Monk, 2 month and Jasper, one years old, 1995 in dining room.


Xxx xx.

New Cabin, Spike in I, "top of hill," Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., summer, 2001.


Pennsaken, 2004, new kitchen, and boy cat, Jasper; 1994 - 2010 - 16 years. J

Pennsauken, 2004, new kitchen, and boy cat, Jasper; 1994 - 2010 - 16 years. Jasper, "Three Home"; Upper Darby, PA; Pennsauken, NJ; & Merchantville, NJ, seven street walking to Pennsauken. Jasper death, April, 2010, Dr. Cat Clinic in Cherry Hill.


Names, , Lucy and Desi. "I Love Lucy."

Part time, summer, 2002, PetSmark in Cherry Hill, cats, 12 cages, cleaning, litter, peoples, and playing cats. Saturday, 8:45 pm, cleaning cats, little, cats in a cage. PetSmart manager, front door, two boys, 8 years old, boxes arms, two twins kittens, 1 plus week old! Manager to me, kitten. Garret and two kittens in a boxes, driving to home.

Lisa, me, and two twins kittens! Names, , Lucy and Desi. "I Love Lucy." But Desi died four month.


Missy! Two, 2012 to new

Missy! But two cats, Missy. First cat, Missy, 1987 to 1995, brown and white. Second cat, Missy, 2012 to new, 2014!



Pets! One of 8 Beetles! Sports!

"Fifteen Cats and Two Dogs!"

History Myself, Fifteen Cats and Two Dogs!
History Start Basketball, 15 years old, town in Tenafly...
History 17 Volkswagens! First Beetle, Red, barnyard, before license!

Fifteen cats and two dogs

My Family boy cat, "Mister Jones"

First family boy cat, "Mister Jones," average, birth, 1950 to death in Tenafly in 1964. Back yard in Paramus, in 1959, "Mister Jones" and I, hugging! In 1963 in Tenafly, living room big chairs, "Grandma," Clarice Antoinette Koonz Toffey, and Mister Jones. Parent's story, Mister Jones, nine month old, outside and cold but my parents inside and warm. Three homes, New Milford, Paramus, and Tenafly, NJ. "Mister Jones" death, 14 years in Tenafly, NJ.

My families home in spring, 1960, Paramus, NJ, cat, "Mister Jones," and three kittens - Bill's girl names Jingle, Kyle's girl Jangle, and Garret's boy cats name Spooky, top right.

First boy cat in Spring, 1960...

Upstairs bed and sleeping, Spooky and I. But one or two month, moms see me, Spooky dead. In one month, mother and I...

Second boy cats name Pepsi, 19 years!

Mom and I, driving to person's home in Paramus, six kittens. But Mom and I, driving to person's home, spring, 1960, 10 minute way in a bathroom, eight kittens. But, one holding to me, names, Pepsi.

Pepsi and I, sleeping in living room in Paramus in 1960.

Pepsi {right, 2nd below], lay in chair in 1968, Tenafly. And bedtime, me and Pepsi in sleeping - 19 years!

And in living room, me and mom in television commercial (Youtube.com), Come Alive! Pepsi Generation! And Brother Bill's girl cat, Jangle, 20 years in 1979.

Two weeks, evening, winter and snow, call Pepsi…

In winter and snow, evening in Norman Place, 1964 or 1965 in kitchen, back door, my mother for Pepsi, back porch to outside. But mom’s call Pepsi but hopeless. Next day, mom and I call Pepsi but no call. And one week my families call Pepsi, back and front door, and snow and wind, but no Pepsi! Two weeks, family and I, back and front yard, call Pepsi, but no!

Evening, winter, snow and wind, my mom call Pepsi, backyard, left, next door, back swing pool -- yes, "Pepsi!" But, shivering and cold, mom and me, 20 minute, blankets and sheets, outside steps. In bed, me and Pepsi, sleeping, and warm! And tomorrow, am, wake up bed, Pepsi and I!

Tenafly, in a kitchen, breakfast, eggs and toast Dad and top back, Pepsi, 1968 or 1969, right. See, 1961 to 1983, Tenafly, NJ.

3rd & 4th: twin's kittens, summer, 1978, South Quaker Hill Road

Summer, Friday night, 1978, 47th Street and Baldimore Avnue, Ed and I to cabin, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., 1 1/2 hours north. Saturday afternoon, Squareback Type 3, dark green, after corner, south east Quaker Hill Road, top, me, side road, but STOP! Outside rood, two weeks old kittens! Ten minute in top of cabin, inside, names: girl, Missy, 17 years old and death, 1995. Boy name, Tissy, 13 years old, top right, three down.

And home, old arm chair, and top, Missy and Tissy, left. And moving to Upper Darby, PA, girl's cats. Old Missy, left, and new Monk, and I in living room, Upper Darby, PA. Story of Stroke, right, five, old Missy, left, and new Monk, and I in living room!

And one more cat in West Philadelphia, 1992. Outside in a right side yard, girl cat, 9 or 10 month. Side door, me, food and water. But girl cat, inside, and sleep. Mix, brown, red and white. But three month, cat, front door. Inside, living room, TV. But three or four minute, front door, cat death!

Monk, 14 years

Edward and Karen, working for Chefs Market Catering, 2nd and 3rd and South Street. Karen, 3 block to working, walking but kitten, in a shrub grass. But apartments, Karen and old cat. Karen and kitten in a box and walking to Chefs Market. Back store, Karen and boxed, kitten to Ed, Cheese Shop. Ed and kitten, driving to home and name Monk, girl silver.

Edward, Garret, two cats and one dog, moving to Upper Darby. Girl cats, Monk. In 1993 or 1994, dining room table and four chairs. Playing, chairs, Monk and floor, Spike! Funny!

In 2004, wife Lisa, but moving to Moorestown, 20 minute to Pennsauken. And Lisa, two cats, Monk and Jeeter. But Lisa, no money (before, Lisa, money, $20,000!). But Lisa's two cats, Monk and Jeeter!

In 2006, Monk, cancer. Lisa and me to Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. But 6 or 8 time, Monk to Pennsylvania School of Veterinary but death in 2009, 14 years!

West Philadelphia, outside in a street, nine month old…

Winter, December in 1998, Friday night, Alden Union Church, Alden, PA Single Bible study group, 10 to 15 people. After late Friday, Church, me and younger man, Oscar, quadriplegic, but Oscar, baby. My car to West Philadelphia. And, Alden Union Church, Sunday Church, van, side wheelchairs, Oscar, and 4 to 6 younger people to church and back to home, West Philadelphia. One of 3 or 4 driving to Sunday church van.

After, Oscar's home, walking to car seat but STOP! Younger girl cat, 9 to 10 month old, front of car floor. Unlock, outside and losing for younger cat in a bottom of a car. But no cat. Inside seat and lock a key to driving, but outside, left door, girl cat! Un-lock, left door, at cat to top of me! But cold and windy, and no home. And driving to home and cat and lay downing top of me. And backyard to home, me and cat name, Sasha.

And three cats: Jasper, Monk, and new girl cat, Sasha and dog, Spike. Three month, Sasha, front porch, night time. New carper, light blue, living room, dining room, upstairs, and second tall. But, next day, am, porch, right entertainment, back floor, mom, Sasha and new boy and girl twins cats.

Monk, Sasha, Jeeter and Wanda, playing toys and balls. But Jasper, run to backyard! And me and Ed call, but no Jasper. And call Monk, Sasha, Jeeter and Wanda playing. But Jasper, every days and two week, Ed and me, call Jasper. But, front yard, Jasper! And Pennsauken, NJ, Jasper, run, frond and backyard. And 5 or 6 time, running, two days too one plus week, call Jasper. But Jasper to home!

Six Pets; Five cats: Jasper, Monk, Sasha, Jeeter, Wanda, dog, Spike: 1998

Pennsauken, 2004, new kitchen, and cat, Jasper. In 1994 to 2010, 16 years, right. "Three Homes"; Upper Darby, PA; and Pennsauken, NJ; Merchantville, NJ, seven streets walking.

PetSmart and two twins kittens names Lucy and Desi

Basements, working on a computer in 2001 to 2004, web designer, illustrator, graphic, printer, and part time, summer, 2002, driving to PetSmark in Cherry Hill, right, inside cats, 12 cages, cleaning, litter, peoples, and playing cats. One day Saturday, 15 minute, eight forty-five pm, cleaning cats, little, cats in a cage, PetSmart manager, front door, two boys, 8 years old, boxes arms, two twins tiny kittens, one plus week old! Manager to me, kitten. Lock, 9:15, Garret and two kittens in a boxes, driving to home.

Garret and two kittens in a boxes, driving to home, back side door. Lisa, me, and two twins kittens! Names, Lucy and Desi. "I Love Lucy"- Lucy's Famous Chocolate Scene - YouTube TV show! But boy kitten, Desi died four month. But girl cat, Lucy, now, in February, 2014!

See, Russell Markert, choreographed and Lucy Ball, dancer, my mother's cousin.

Eight pets, seven cats and one dog, Spike

Four years moving to apartments in Merchantville. September, 2009 to September, 2013. Seven blocks to Collins Avenue. Rent, Peter and Diane. apartments, 20 Chestnut, first floors to four floors. Firsts floor, Garret and two cats, Japer and Lucy. In April, 2004, divorce, Lisa, to Moorestown, NJ and cats boxes cages, Jeeter and Monk. But Lisa cat, Monk, cancer, three years but died in 2011, seven years Lisa's home.

And best friends Edward and wife, Jillian in northwest, Franklin, New Jersey in 2009, two boxes cat caterers north to Edward home. Mom and daughter cats, Sasha and Wanda to Edward home. But Jillian's girls cat home, but Sasha hitting. One year's later Sasha died. And south to Moorestown, two twins, south, Wanda and Jeeter in 2013, Lisa home!

Apartments, after Jasper died in fall, 2010. But one month, Bill and I to PetSmart. Insides, right middle store, woman working cats cages, girl cat, 8 years old. Same name, "Missy!" Same girl cat name Missy since 1978. 

1st dogs, Bijoux

In 1987, twins cats, Missy and Tissy. But five month, 1988, Edward and Karen to "Welcome to the Morris Animal Refuge." Morris' persons, back to kindle puppies to Edward. But one poppy to Ed and name Bijoux. Before, Edward and I to South Broad Street in Philadelphia, Bijoux Comedy and Music Show in 1987!

Summer, 1987, me and Bijoux, walking to Clark Park, Chester Avenue & South 43rd Street. And dogs to Clark Park, but Bijoux, "no dogs," but peoples, younger and older!

Summer, 1988, my car, Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel, three ½ hours north to cabin. Dog, Bijoux and, late Friday night. And Saturday, noon time, my parents, Taurus Wagon to top of cabin. My parents into motel, 20 south to Route 22, two days, Saturday and Sunday. Cabin, Saturday evening, after dinner and coffee, and dark, 9 pm, outside table and chairs, my parents to motel. Dark, one or two second, Bijoux run down, 5 or 6 second to bottom my parents. Top and dark, call Bijoux. But no dog. Garrets friends, call Edward and friend, Karen but message. And three or four time, call Bijoux but no luck. Six a.m., Sunday, one mile, forest tree and dirt road. Next door, ten minute walking to old man (me and man, 15 years) and bid dog, Shepherd. Six am, man call Shepherd, and 20 minute south, bottom, lay dead, Bijoux. Nine am, I call home, 47th Street in West Philadelphia, Edward, But Bijoux dead! Sad! Ed, One or two years, no dogs!

But four month..

2nd dog, Spoke; almost Seventeen years!

Four month, fall, 1988, my car to south Philadelphia, Welcome to the Morris Animal Refuge. And back of dogs, two puppies. First, boy Labrador puppy but inside a cage. But second poppy, nick name, Spike. But me and Spike! Fun!

Almost 17 years, winter, 1989 to fall, 2005, and 75 pound! Mix, German shepherd and long tails, brown, black and white.

In 908 47th Street, me and Spike, walking to Clark Park, Chester Avenue and South 43rd Street. But dogs, puppy and peoples! Babies, boys, girls, teenager, adult and elderly people and Spike, playing! Spike, Schuylkill Bridge, in 1999, Philadelphia, PA

Corner, Hampton Road in Upper Darby, across a street, Catholic School, 1 - 8 grades. After school or Saturday afternoon, and weekend, 4 to 8 children and dog, Spike are playing! And more, 6 - 8 time, across a street, Catholic School, outside Spike and children's, ball and playing! Fun! And me and Spike walking, west, 10 minute, but STOP! One yard front door, woman, 25 plus years and baby! But woman and baby in a sidewalk Spike, lying down. Mouth, Spike and baby!

Inside, Spike and gray cat, Monk, playing, dining room and chairs! Two, Spike and Monk, playing, living room, dining room and kitchen! Fun!

Tennis Court, Garrett Road, Upper Darby, PA - Naylor's Run Park. Friend, Mike, since 1987, and I to tennis court. And lone, me, one Tennis court, and Spike, playing or sit down. But one time, summer, 1997 or 1998, me and Spike to Tennis court. But Spike, back, flowers, shrubs and small trees; "14 tennis ball!" And home, evening, Edward, spike and "14 tennis ball!"

Summer, 1995 or 1996, Friday night, Spike and I top to cabin, 10 pm. And corner south, right, South Quaker Hill Road, Game Farm Road, left, car to top, cabin. And night time, outdoor PAtio wood picnic table and benches, sit down, ten minute, me and top of table, Spike!

New cabin, 2000, me and Spike, family and friends. Too 2003, rented for cabin.

But Spike died, fall, 2005, almost 17 years!

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Basketball, skiing. tennis and more sports

Walter Stillman Elementary School, 5 grade, outside, boys to baseball, but me, hard to baseball. But, one time I was 2nd base!

First time, Basketball

backyard garage, Basketball! In 6 grades, weight, 6.0 feet height and now, 2016, 6.0 weights! Bicycle and back, round red and white basketball to down town court, Tenafly Road and W. Clinton Avenue. Teens boys, day and night time playing, two court. Elementary School gym, W. Clinton Avenue, 8 to 10 boys, same age, basketball, 3 or 4 time. In 1978, new friends, three blocks, Baltimore Avenue and 47th Street, Mike and I, drive to basketball courts, playing hard.

Upper Darby, PA in 1991, back garage, white and basketball net and clip, new top basketball. In 2000 moving to my home, 6542 Collins Avenue. Summer, 2001, back garage, new middle top, white and basketball net and clip, playing basketball.

First time, Kyle, Gregory and I to skiing but me, bottom, fall off..

First time winter, Tenafly, Kyle, Kyle's friends Gregory and I, driving to skiing. Night skiing strobe, top to bottom, Kyle and Gregory to bottom. But me, top to bottom skiing but fall off, and striped. But 10 minute inside skiing shop, hot chocolate!

Second time winter skiing, 1985, two days, North East N.Y. State, skiing, Hunter Mountain Skiing, two days. But me, hard skiing. Top, skiing, but -- "NO" skiing. Three hours, friends, bus, woman, little down. Tomorrow, yes, skiing, and top!

And, next years, Robin and I driving north skiing, Blue Mountain, and first time, top to bottom skiing! Seven or eight time skiing. Itself, driving north to Blue Mountain, top to bottom skiing, left, right climbing down!

Senior high school to 2001 Lisa and I to Tennis

First time, two courts and one-haft tennis court, 1965, bicycle to Paramus, NJ, 20 minute west to home, Tenafly. And bicycle to Paramus, 6 or 8 time, 1965 to 1969, practicing tennis. People and I to tennis in Paramus. And Paramus Park.

Lowell Laundry Cleaners & Fur a Tenafly, NJ, in 1972, owner, Cid Cohen and I, am before working cleaning, 5 minute walking to tennis court, park and pond, 3 or 4 time tennis. Next years, spring, 1973, Nancy and I to tennis, playing court.

Spring and summer, 1991 to 1995, Mike and I to tennis court, Garrett Road, Upper Darby, PA, 4 or 5 time tennis court.
And 2001 and 2002, wife, Lisa and I to tennis in Merchantville, four or five time practicing tennis.

1982 and 1983, Spruce Street, Classes

Spruce Street and 43rd Street, Philadelphia, classes, two. First classes, Tai Chi, Chinese. Younger man, 10 years old older for me, and big man, Tai Chi -- "teacher and student!"

And 2001, Lisa and me to Junior High School in Pennsauken, evening classes, Tai Chi, Park Avenue and Union Avenue. Elderly man and student and Tai Chi.

In 1983, lesson for juggling classes! Fun! Seven years stroke, fall, 2013, two balls lest hand (three balls tennis in living room), practicing two balls, up and down. 

And more baseball, football, skating, hockey and more sports!

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"Twenty-One car's; 17 Volkswagen's; "Eight Beetles!"

Volkswagen: "Eight Beetles!"

First of Eight Volkswagen Beetles, used Red in spring, 1971, before license [new Volkswagen Beetle, 1962], engine repairman in barnyard. First book manual, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive - A Manual of Step by Step Procedures for the Complete Idiot: December 1, 1977 by John Muir, Author, Tosh Gregg, Author, Junipero Scopulorum, Illustration.

Back garage in middle, angle rope, Red Beetle engine repairman And two time Red Beetle engine, but inside garage. Two heavy duty hydraulic jacks with metal wheels. And front, back and sides, car 1/8 inch white pinstripe and tape.

Second car, Yellow Beetles, England, and sunroof! Spring, 1973 to 1975. But July 18, 1973, back barn arsonist! But, two more years, yellow bug.

More Volkswagen...

SquareBack, Type 3, two, dark green and one dark blue SquareBack. Volkswagen FastBack, one year. Volkswagen Bus, Type 1, two, white and light blue, 1964 and 1972. First Bus Type 1, Beetle Clinic in north Philadelphia, 1977. Picture, left, Products, Bus, light blue, Susan, me, dating and Edward, back north to 82 Norman Place, Tenafly, NJ, back years, camera, my mom!

And more Volkswagen: Scirocco, Fox, Rabbit Diesel, White. And one more, Passat Wagon, Silver, 2002 to 2006, four years, but stroke.

Friends and Brother Bill, blue bug repairing for me

Spring, 1972, first Volkswagen Beetle, color's Red. Spring, 1972, before licenses, repair Beetle. Two and one-haft months, birthday, June 2, 1972. New Volkswagen bugs, since 1962. My friends or my family, VW, broken or fist up, three month engine service and cleaning Volkswagen for me since 1973 to 1987.

First cars, Nissan Maxima, 1988!

First car, Nissan Maxima, 1988 to 1994 [new 1986], two years, Silver and roof! Jeep Cherokee, 1 year, 1994 [new Jeep 1989 Cherokee]. Ford Explorer, four-wheels, two door light gold-brown, 1994 to 2002, 8 years old [new Ford Explorer, 1992], 2 years old, dealer, South Philadelphia. Friend, rented, one year, 2001 to 2002. Subaru Wagon, dealer, west PA, 3/4 year, 2002.

Myself, "twenty cars!"

"The '51 '52 '53 '54 '55 '56 '57 '58 '59 '60 '61 Volkswagen" advertising

"The '51 '52 '53 '54 '55 '56 '57 '58 '59 '60 '61 Volkswagen."  Advertising for picture, left, measuring 10 ¼ x 13 ¼ inch, and mat frames, metal silver, and glasses frame, 14 ¼ x 16 ¼ inch. Twenty-five years, now in a dining room in 2/2014.

First motorcycle, spring, 2002

Kyle and I ridding in a Classic Vespa Style Moped Scooter in 1971

My home back garage, used, two, same 150cc classic Moped Scooter, Kyle and I. But Moped Scooter's broken, two month non-working.  

Kyle, new license, car and motorcycle, but next year, 1972, new license in June. Brother, front and I, back, ridden in Vespa Moped Scooter, south to Route 41 east in Fort Lee, NJ in 1971. Fun!

But back garage, me and Vespa Moped, parts! But two years, summer, 1973, Kyle, used Honda 500cc, three month ridding.

First, motorcycle, spring, Honda, 500 cc in 2002..

1st: Used motorcycle in spring, Honda, 500 cc, 2002 to 2004, two years. But 29 years, spring, 2002, Pennsauken, NJ, first motorcycle Honda, 500 cc, 2002 to 2004. Driving to Bucks County, man house, back garage, one of two motorcycles, Honda, 500 cc. But man, two years before, riding a motorcycle, but fall off and wheelchair (!).

2nd: Honda VT 750 C2 Shadow, motorcycle, spring, 2004 to spring, 2006, used. Advertisement, Norman Egendorf, President, Walnut Avenue and 5th  and 6th Street, secretary of small bank for south west Pennsylvania. Ridding, woman and I, ridden a motorcycles. Two years, end of spring, 2004 and 2005, person and I, motorcycles, south east Pennsylvania and south west New Jersey. But, spring, 2006, woman name moving to son's home in Seattle.   

3rd: Spring, 2006, BMW Motorcycle, a Yellow r1200c. But, almost two month, backyard, July 3, 2006, in a motorcycle, but...

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