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my boys and Five cousin

Four years youngest, Uncle Akin, Glen Ridge, NJ in 1958. Wife, Jenny died in 1952

Toffey's children's; (l-r) Nancy, Akin "Hatch" (first), PT, (Peter Sip), Annie; (floor), Kyle; (center) Bill Hoyt & me, Garret, Bill Eldridge (right).


"Toffey", 1960, and 5 cousin.

July 4th, 1960!

Backyard, Paramus, NJ William V. Toffey III, Dorothy, 4 years younger, Akin, 5 cousin, mom's parents, "two-mommy" & "two-daddy," camera, and William's Grandma, Clarice.


"Toffey", 1960, and 5 cousin.

My family, three cousin, and uncle and new aunt, Joan Lane 1964, son, Peter Lane & Susan Lane (Toffey). Bill and first wife, Anne and one years old daughter, Laurel!


Three Boys, Bill, Kyle and me, summer, 1955, one years old!

Winter in 1965, Ice Skate in backyard.


Bear Mountain State Park, bridge, my Toffey's family and grand parents - Top!

Bear Mountain State Park, bridge, my Toffey's family and grand parents - Top!


Tenafly, back yard.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., my family; mom's camera.

John J. Toffey, witnessed Lincoln assassination, Ford Theatre. April 14, 1965, My Dad..


Tenafy,Confirmation, 1968.

In 1968, Confirmation, , church, and Kyle and Dad!


Tenafy,Confirmation, 1968.

Sea Bright, NJ, 1968. My family, Sea Bright and after, Asbury Park, NJ: '63-'68!


Sun Myung Moon Wedding in N.Y.C., Feburary 8, 1975, Kyle and Cennthia (Genn), Madison Square Garden.

Sun Myung Moon Wedding in N.Y.C., Feburary 8, 1975, Kyle and Cennthia (Genn), Madison Square Garden.


Kyle, Genn, and 2 daugher, Kyra and right, Akina Toffey Cox, north NJ, 1986.

Middle brother, Kyle, Genn (before, Cynthia), and 2 daughter, Kyra and right, Akina Toffey (Cox), north NJ, 1986.





Three Boys, Bill, Kyle and me, summer, 1955, one years old!

Three Boys, Bill, Kyle and me, summer, 1955, one years old!


1956, 3 boys & Aunt Beck, Mom family, back yard..

Aunt Becky, mom's side, three boys, 1956, Mom's father, two-daddy, sister. After retired, Aunt Becky, New York State, senior single, no marriage.


Cub Scout trip to Fort Dix, May, 1960.

Mom, Cub Scout trip to Fort Dix, May, 1960.


My Toffey's family in back yard, circa, 1962

My Toffey's family in back yard, circa, 1962.


1956, 3 boys & Aunt Beck, Mom family, back yard..

In 1968, backyard, Bill V., Dorothy, Kyle, Me, and, camera, Bill E. Left, cat, Pepsi!


* children playing.

August, 1961, first summer in Tenafly, Bill organized a "Parade" Left, back, drumstick. But first drums, 1964.


Dad and Pepsi, kicten.

Music! (left) Bill, saxophone and clarinet; me, clarinet and drums; Kyle, guitar, 1966, living room.


Dad and Pepsi, kicten.

Cooperstown, N.Y., three days. Rent, cabin, and south, Oswego Lake. Brother Bill, Kyle and I too canoe in Oswego Lake.

First, downtown, Baseball Hall of Fame. Inside, baseball, old and new Baseball.

Second, father's family, to Oswego Lake. Inside, father to ranger, book, Nancy Van Alstine, birth, 1733, Cooperstown, N.Y. See, middle, "Cooperstown, N.Y., summer, 1967."


married, Anne Bill, Rochester, Chili, NY

June 20, 1973, brother Bill married Anne E. Lehman, in Chili, N.Y. (Rochester). Anne young sister, Dawn, and me, usher. Three time, dating, me and Dawn. Me, letters (and envelops).


Bill family, Christmas tree, West Queen Lane, Philadelphia, PA, in 1992.

Bill family, Christmas tree, West Queen Lane, Philadelphia, PA, in 1992. Fifteen family, my Kathy parents and my 3 boys parents!

See middle bottom, Bill's family.

And brother home, beginning in 1976 in West Philadelphia to now, 2014, 1/2 hours 1/2 to my home!


Oldest brother Bill, wife, Kathy family, 2012.

Oldest brother Bill, wife, Kathy. Middle left, youngest, John. Right, oldest son, Dan. Sit down, Mike Neff, and daughter Laurel (Toffey) Neff, and right, middle son, Dave, 2012.




Toffey: Father, Mother & Three Boys

"Middle Name: Vermilye, Edith, Eldridge, Akin, Sip"

1960, My family to Van Saun Park: "Whistle!"

My born, June 2, 1954, 382 Terhune Avenue. But my family to Van Saun Park, and 8 - 10 minute west to Terhune Avenue. Van Saun Park, Bergen Country Zoo, lake and foods. Park zoo, animals, reptiles, alligators and different's birds. basketball, fleer

And after, Tenafly, NJ, my tennis, and bicycle to Van Saun Park, 1968 to 172, 8 or 9 time!

And me and my best friends, John Cornell and my car, VW Red Beetle, 1972 to Van Saun Park. And girls! Nice!

In 1960, 5 years old to Van Saun Park, noontime, July 4, and average, 150 people, Van Saun Park and small lake! Evening, fireworks! And afternoon, me, start: mouth, "whistle!" But win, whistle, but, no "whistle!" But fun!

History Dad, free passes, summer, 1964-965, New York World's Fair!
History My Bill's Family...
History My Kyle's Family...
History My Father's Brother's Akin's Family...
History Nancy Van Alstine, birth, 1733, 98 & Baseball Hall of Fame!
History Clarinet, Guitar, & Drums, 1966...
History Sea Bright, Atlantic and Ocean City Beach...
History New York City Natural History
History Manhattan and "Stuff"
History Neighbors door, Don Zeilers' Family...

New York World's Fair: 1964 and 1965

My family got to attend the New York World's Fair, wikipedia.org, six times in 1964 and 1965. Dad got us free passes through his work at Topic Publishing Company, Drug Trade New in New York City where he was a senior writer. It was the largest international exhibit ever built, with futuristic displays spanning some 640 acres. We were among the 51 million guests that visited the Fair before it closed in 1965.

First time summer World's Fairs, 1964, my family visit to United State Pavilion, Ford Motor Company Pavilion, General Motors Pavilion And Pavilion of Ireland, Pavilion of Japan and Pavilion of France! After diner into Better Living Center, my family visitors in elevators up the glass-enclosed! Life-Saver tower for a spectacular view of the Fair, or take escalators to the top floor and descend along ramps past the displays. But I, 1st floor, and no-family! Fifteen minute, police guardian! And inside and dark outside, guardian and I, one* hours, 1st floor front door, me and family! But, next month, New York World's Fair, first building, Better Living Center, 6 floor, top, elevators rounds to 1st floor! Me, 2nt floor, Sink and Water, inside to top of it, and 20 feet height!

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Oldest Brother's Family

Oldest Bill, or William Eldridge Toffey, birth, September 31, 1950

Fall, Bill to college, 1969 to 1973, Cornell University, www.Cornell.edu. And first wife, Ann, one more years, spring, 1974. The summer, June 20, 1973, Brother Bill married Ann in Rochester, New York.  Bill moved to first apartment, 40th Street and Pine Street, Philadelphia University, Master's Degrees, in "Planning," fall, 1974.

Bill and Ann Toffey, one block to 39th and 40th Street and Baltimore Avenue, 1974 to 1977. But Bill and Ann, moving to 46 Street and Springfield Avenue. And this year, across a street west and one block north, my apartment, 47 Street and Springfield Avenue and Baltimore Avenue in 1977. But Ann divorce, 1979, south to Baltimore Avenue.

Bill and Ann first daughter, Laurel, birth, January 1, 1976. Six month, July 4, 1976, Bill, Ann, Laurel and I to Independence Day in Center City parade.

But second's wife, Kathy, singing in a First Presbyterian Church, Germantown Avenue, PA (Merchantville, NJ, walking to First Presbyterian Church, new member, March, 2011 to now!) Bill and, Kathy, move West Queen Lane, Philadelphia, PA, in 1980.

Bill' parents and Kathy's parents in Xmas Day, 1992 

In 1992, Brother’s Bill families in Thanksgiving Day in West Queen Lane in Philadelphia. But next month, Christmas Day. Kathy's parents, Karol and Betty Krantz, and Bill' parent’s, William and Dorothy Toffey in Christmas Day. But next year my dad died in Kissimmee, F.L.

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(right bottom). Fifteen family, left to right: oldest daughter, Laurel, yungest, Dave, Bill, Kyle wife, Cynthia, Kathy father, Karl, Bill's wife, Kathy, and me, Garret. Chair, middle son, John, Kathy mother, Betty, my mother, Dorothy, my dad, Bill, and Kyle. Sit down, Kyle youngest daughter, Kyra, Bill oldest son, Dan, and oldest daughters, Akina.



In 1993, Northeast Philadelphia Bill Family's, 9001 Verree Road

Old house, and new home, north Philadelphia, in 1993 to now, 9001 Verree Road. Three boys and daughter, Laurel, Doctor, Army, college, West Point, New York. Now, March, 2014, Bill, backyards, left side and right side, new plants, shrub, and vegetables. Bill home right, big light pine woods fence: gardener!

In Kissimmee, Florida, my father died in November 9, 1993. And five years, my mother died in September 23, 1999.

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Middle Brother's Family

Middle Brother's, Kyle, fall, Nichols College, MA of four years, 1972 to 1996. But summer, 1974, Kyle and back, banjo, taking off, May 19, 1974. Six months, east to west, to California, San Francisco. Kyle, back to east, New Jersey. Or say too San Francisco, working for computer?  The park for San Francisco, Kyle, praying to God! Same day, Kyle and man, for new church!

Eight years, Kyle worked for Unification Church. Leader religious church, Sun Myung Moon, birth, 1920 to death, 2012, South, Soul, Moon. Sun Myung Moon Wedding in N.Y.C., Feburary 8, 1975, Kyle and Cennthia (Genn), Madison Square Garden.

Kyle and Genn, first home, Red Bank, NJ, Monmouth Street, but small home. First daughter, Akina Toffey (Cox), birth, January 28, 1984.  Seconds daughter, Kyra, birth, February 15, 1986.  But same, Red Bank, but large house and Sunday church.

Kyle family, moving to, South Korea, seven years, 1991 to  2000, Genn, and two daughter. But, moving back to California, San Francisco to now, 2014. New small home, "6542," same am I, same address number, "6542," East Richmond Height, CA.

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Uncle Akin Toffey and five cousins..

2nd wife two children, 1961..

My father's brother Akin and his second wife Joan lived just 40 minutes away from us in Glen Ridge, NJ, after their marriage in 1964. First wife, Virginia Hoyt Toffey, birth, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York, and death, April, 13 1960 in Glen Ridge, but six years, hospital.

My eldest cousin is Akin "Hatch" Toffey, born, 1943. After college, Hatch played semi-pro rugby in New York. He became Vice President at American Express Credit Cards, after working his way up at AT&T Credit Cards. I hear on Facebook that Hatch is enjoying his new life in Dothan, AL.

The next cousin, Bill Hoyt Toffey, joined the air force and served as a new helicopter pilot in Vietnam. After the war, Bill played serious tennis and was ranked by Tennis Association. He had a long career in North Carolina with  Groz-Beckert Knit & Sew  and relocated with his wife Gail to Florida in 2005.

My 3rd and 4th cousins are the twin girls, Annie, who lives in eastern Massachusetts, and Nancy, who lives in eastern Pennsylvania, working in offices.

Number five is my cousin Peter Sip Toffey, or my family, PT, who was born in 1959 and shares my middle name "Sip." PT stayed in north Jersey until 1992, when he moved to Tega Cay, SC, where he still lives. But PT, back to Nancy home, 2014.. See, John James & Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey, "Great grandparents."

The Sip names comes from my great-great grandmother Mary Sip who married John James Toffey. Mary Sip Toffey is daughter of Peter Sip, who is son of Garret Sip, who in turn is son of Peter Sip and grandson of Garret Sip. The Sip family was among original settlers of Bergen, NJ (now Jersey City), and their homestead Sip Manor in Bergen, NJ, was built in 1666. In 1928, the house was moved to make way for city construction to a new location at 5 Cherry Lane, Westfield, NJ, 2011! See, great grandparents, John James and Mary Sip Toffey; The Sip Manor House in New Jersey.

In 1961, summer, new aunt Joan and 2 children, Peter and Susan Lang, also grew up in the Glen Ridge house with my five cousins. Now Susan is married, Zack, and lives in eastern Massachusetts.

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My family to Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1967, and...

My father's family north to Cooperstown, New York (wikipedia.org), summer, 1967, three days in cabin, and south, Oswego Lake. Brother Bill, Kyle and I too canoe in Oswego Lake!

First, my father side, Nancy Quackunbush Van Alstine

Next Saturday morning, father's family, driving to Oswego Lake, in wikipedia.org, Glimmerglass State Park, out of Cooperstown. My father to a Park range, inside, father to park ranger, old book; My Dad Family, THE WOMEN of the AMERICAN, REVOLUTION, By Elizabeth F. Ellet - "Nancy Van Alstine", Three Volume III, New York, Baker and Scribner - 1850 in word document and no-brake. In .

My Dad Family, my grandmother, Clarice A. Koonz (1881-1974), mother, great grandmother, Annie Crowen (1846-1921), father, great-great grandfather, Thomas J. Crowen (1807-1880), mother, great-great-great grandmother, Eleanor Van Alstine (1786- ), and great-great-great-great grandmother, Nancy Quackunbush (1733-1831). And husband, Martin Van Alstine (1742-1800). Nancy death at 98 years old!

After retired in Tenafly, NJ in 1983, my dad to three sons, and cousins Nancy, Annie, Bill Hoyt, reading a book of "Nancy Van Alstine."

Summary of Nancy Van Alstine:

Nancy Quackinbush, birth, 1733, Canajoharie, New York. Nancy parents, Peter and Sarah, descendant one of brothers who came from Holland, since 1600s. Nancy father, Peter, purchased of land and working for business of a trader with the Indian, and light of time in traveling original and Susquehanna River. And his most saleable are for Indians for "good Spirit" and after, meeting for specific person, giving him for Oswego Lake.

Nancy's mother was a Wimple family, most respectable Dutch families in a valley. Daughter, Nancy to school was not kind, but state of being, "superior mental power" and inclination to study, and good education. Nancy's reading Dutch with a Bible. But, Miss Nancy, "stayed at home, read the Bible, and wore pockets." She by excellence and delight for remarkable by beauty of "person and a fine voice." She a strong cast of character, and "region as the belle of the Mohawk."

Eighteen, Nancy married to Martin J. Van Alstine, also with a Dutch family's, settle in the valley of the Mohawk, almost thirty years. His was ancestor who "was murdered by the Indians early in French war-Eva, the wife of Jacob Van Alstine… road, her little daughter in her arm… was fire on and killed by the savage."

Young couples with large home in Mohawk, but suffering from Indian and a part of the savage people enemy. Mrs. Van Alstine, "great advents" and family of our admired for her brave, her "courage and firmness."

Almost die, friends, Nancy Van Alstine and Indian in Mohawk, near south, Cooperstown, New York.

Next Day, Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

My family to Baseball Hall of Fame, summer in 1967. Inside, museum, the historical development of sport of baseball. Best of Baseball Hall of Fame, Henry Hank Aaron, Don Asbury, or Richie, Philadelphia, Wade Boggs, Boson and New York Yankee, Reginald Martinez Jackson, Yankee, Frank Robinson, and more Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Bill, Kyle and I: Music!

August, 1961, front sideway of home, Bill playing a clarinet, organized a "parade." Five daughters Watson, and oldest and younger daughter, Corey Watson, one year younger or me, two flute, across a street.  And back, drumstick. For me, four years, 1965, lay back, one year more, 1966. But across a street, Corey Watson and I, six years, six grade, 1966 to Senior High School.

Three more years, playing clarinet, 1961 to 1964 for school. But, this year's drums, Tenafly, ten years old, first time drums! Inside home, left, front living room, Bill, playing Clarinet and after, Saxophone. My drums snare and chair. And Kyle playing Guitar, singing, 1966. And Bill, high school, saxophone! Kyle, guitar! Me, drums and Kyle, attic, pop and rock & roll!

Ten years old, drums snare! Next two years, Music Store in Englewood, new drums set and drum throne. And next years, new/used drums set, Music Store in Englewood, 1967, and upstairs to attic, practicing and playing drums. Attic, playing drums, and John, guitar, 6 and 12 string, and Kyle, banjo!

See, Story of Birth, 1961 – 1983, Tenafly, NJ, and Drums!

The three boys, Bill, Kyle and I for Cub Scout and uniforms. First time Cub Scout, second to five grade, after school, boy's homes. But six grade, no Boy Scouts.

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My family to Sea Bright, NJ.

My family to Sea Bright, NJ, in 1961 to 1968, one or three time a. Afternoon, my family to Asbury Amusement Park, Boardwalk and ride.  One or two times, 1962 to 1966, my family to Palisades Amusement Park, wikipedia.org, beach and rides. Ice creams, but me, ice cream, mint chocolate chip!

I moved to West Philadelphia, and 1 and ¼ hours east to Ocean Beach, summer, and 1976 to 2006! Fun! Summer. Ocean City beach, myself or my friends! Dating, working for General Electric Company, engineering, north-east PA, 1993, my car to Long Beach Island. South Long Beach Island, tan and ocean. Afternoon, north to Long Beach Island, driving to Atlantic Ocean Beachfront! Evening, dinner and walking. But back to home, almost, 2 hours.  

In 2002, summer, east to Ocean Beach and my motorcycle, six or seven time, 2002 to 2005, and back to home, Pennsauken, NJ Back, motorcycle, Route 45, Mullica Hill, to Route 40, May Landing, and Egg Harbor Township, south to Ocean City Beach, and back to home, Pennsauken, NJ

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N.Y.C. Museums!

American Museum of Natural History

First time, my father's family to New York City, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West and West 81 Street, in 1962. The five more time, my family to Museum of Natural History.

The myself, home, 82 Norman Place, five minute west walking to bus, Knickerbocker Road south, 20 minute to George Washington Bridge, wikipedia.org, to underneath subway 'A' , upstairs five minute walking to American Museum of Natural History, two time, 1970 and 1971.

And 1972, noontime, Tenafly, walking to bus, and New York City subway, to upstairs, walking to American Museum of Natural History. Four hours inside building. After, walking to subway south, West 32rd Street and 8th Avenue, old building, my father, Topic Publishing Company's Drug Trade New, before five pm! My father and I, subways to George Washington Bridge, and bus to home; my dad and I!

Five buildings, lower laver, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 4th floor. The big Dinosaurs, big whale, big Elephant, Human Body, North American, Columbian mammoth, Grizzly Bear, and more American Museum of Natural History.

YouTube: American Museum of Nature History: Habitat Dioramas as Early Tools in Wildlife Conservation.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Tenafly, my father's family in Manhattan in New York City,American Museum of Natural History, and wikipedia.org.  Oldest and newer paintings and sculpture. Two time, MoMA, home in Tenafly, waking to bus to New York City Museum.

East North Carolina, Art History in winter and spring, 1976, Painting, Vincent van Gogh, "The Starry Night", 1889, in MoMA, in N.Y.C., Library, evening, Saturday and Sunday, East North Carolina, books, Vincent van Gogh, "The Starry Night." Summer, 1976, Tenafly, my but to Museum of Modern Art, painting, "The Starry Night." And more paintings and sculpture, old and new museum.

In 1976, West Philadelphia, six or seven times, Philadelphia Art Museum!   My friends and myself to Philadelphia Art Museum. In 2001, summer, Dan, Mike and I to Philadelphia Art Museum!

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The Old Man

The adventure of sorting through old stuff, especially on an assignment with my father, is very exciting for a child. One time when I was a kid, sometime around 1964 or 1965, my father brought my brothers and me into New York City with him to clean out an old building and sort through mounds of "stuff" when the inventor who owned it all passed away. There we were for the afternoon - four men - sorting through old electric motors and an odd collection of big magnets, five width x 4 height x 2 inch depth, almost 10 years magnates. My three boys, fun stuff!

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Next door, Don Zeilers

In 1961, my parents's, Dorothy and William moved to Norman Place, Tenafly and met their next door neighbors, the Zeiler's family. The two families grew up together, Zeiler and Toffey for 22 years! The Zeilers had two daughters, the same ages as the elder Toffey boys, Bill and Kyle. Don Zeiler worked in New York City as President  of an Envelope Company Dorothy Toffey worked with Don in Envelope Company for 3 or 4 years in the New York City.

Don Zeilers: Turtles and Nature Center Association

Over the backyard large fence from my family's home, I had a next-door neighbor named Don who was a turtle expert. He collected turtles of all shapes, sizes and specifies for more than thirty years. In his home, Don and I to basement he kept baby turtles.

About three or four miles away is the Tenafly Nature Center Association, a 52-acre borough preserve that sits atop the Hudson River just north-east of New York City. Don was president of the preserve. Don and I to tree, white birch, fern plant, owl, and small and large birds.

When we were kids we would play in the woods there and several times played ice hockey, winter on Pfister's Pond with the neighborhood boys.

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