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American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies

Anna Koonz and three daughter (L, R); Clarice, Anna, and Beatrice.

Anna Koonz (Caprice's mother) and three daughter (L, R); Caprice, Anna, and Beatrice.


Dad's mom's father, Philip J. Crowen Koonz. in 1912, home to 39 Gifford Ave., Jersey City, where Clarice grew up.

Success's, Dentist,Greenwich Village, New York City.


Right, Wedding, William Vermily II and Clarice A. Koonz, February 7, 1911.
Dining Gallery!


G- Claarice& sisterb Beatrice

Father, Philip Koonz, boy, and horse. (M. J. Hunt [Koonz].)



Portrait of John James Toffey as NJ Treasure.

Portrait of John James Toffey as NJ Treasure, agerage, 45..


William Vermily Toffey II, and toy cannon, civil war!

William Vermily Toffey II, and toy cannon, civil war! My great grandparents, John & Mary Toffey, 155 Magnolia Avenue, Jersey City.



Clarice Antoinette Koonz: 1887 - 1974.

Clarice Koonz, four back family to Nancy  Quackinbush (Van Alstine), 1733-1831,  Canajoharie, N.Y.; 98 years old!

Story of Family, third, down, Nancy Quackinbush.


G- custom, 1912;145_Giffor Jerse City, NJ.

William V. Toffey II, custom building, in 1912, 145 Gifford Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Corner, front door to Park, cross a street (my dad), William V. Toffey III and small dog in


G- Claarice& sisterb Beatrice

Great Clarice A., left, and sister, Beatrice Koonz, Jersey City, NJ


G- Claarice& sisterb Beatrice

Grandma, Anna Koonz, Jersey City. (M. J. Hunt [Koonz].)



Toffey's in Jersey City

"George Toffey; Farmer and Cattle Broker"

George's family, moving to Jersey City, NJ

Garret Sip Toffey's great-great grandparents were George and Mary Cooke Toffey, Pawling, N.Y. But, George, 43 years old, and my family, in 1854, moved to Jersey City. George, working for a Farmer and Cattle Broker, Pawling, N.Y. and Jersey City!calendar

George and two sons, Daniel and John, Js to working in a Beef Exporting Business. Their firm was one of the first to export dressed beef overseas. He visited England and Scotland to open new markets for the company

But after he retired, George and Mary resettled north to Pawling, on Quaker Hill Road, resuming farming and cattle raising.

History Map: Great-great grandparent...
History My Grandfather, on 155 Magnolia Avenue
History Grandmother, birth on 39 Gifford Avenue
History Dad's Mom's Father, Dentistry in Greenwich Village!
History "Placid and Unflappable Matriarch"

Map: Great, great grandfather, George Akin Toffey, Jersey City

Google map: Jersey City, NJ, view Larger Map.

William V. Toffey II, 145 Gifford Avenue; Philip J. Koonz, 39 Gifford Avenue; Sip Manor House, Newkirk Street and Bergen Avenue, Mary Sip Toffey's father, Peter Sip; 1666-1928; John and Mary Toffey, 155 Magnolia Avenue in Jersey City.

Son, John James and Mary Sip Toffey in Jersey City

George Toffey's five children's, 1st: Daniel Toffey II (1637-1893); 2nd: George C. Toffey Jr (1840-1893); 3rd: John James Toffey (June 1, 1844-March 13, 1911); 4th: William Vermilye Toffey I (1848-1928, Dad's Uncle); 5th: Mary Toffey (1852-1930) in cemetery, Route 22.

My great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Sip (Toffey), birth, June 7, 1922, in Jersey City, N.J., and died, June 7, 1922 on a place of burial in down of Pawling, N.Y.

See, My Dad Family, John J. and Mary Sip Toffey, before and after Civil War.

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Dad's Story: "William Vermilye Toffey II"

William Vermilye Toffey II was born on Magnolia Avenue, just north of Jersey City's Journal Square. He was named for his Uncle Willie, his father's brother (who named his son Harold). My father spoke little about his childhood, although I know he spent some summers at his grandfather's house on Quaker Hill [great-great-great Daniel Toffey].

He attended public elementary school and Stevens Preparatory School in Hoboken. He went from there to Stevens Institute, but flunked out in his sophomore year. French did him in, he said. At college he was a member of Chi Phi fraternity and the mandolin club and played lacrosse.

John James Toffey death on March 13, 1911, a left only a small veteran's pension, Pawling, N.Y. Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey lived her days with William and Clarice Toffey. Mary only other surviving son, Col. John James Toffey, Sr, was a career Army officer and constantly moved about. Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey died June 7, 1922. William Vermily Toffey II died in 1955. His wife Clarice, who was born in 1887, and died in 1974.

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William V. Toffey II, custom building, in 1912, 145 Gifford Avenue, Jersey City, N.J. and across a street, Lincoln Park, but Brother Bill video and I in sdewalk, left to right, across to side home in 2012.


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Clarice Antoinette Koonz Toffey

Clarice Antoinette Koonz, birth, December 17, 1887, 39 Gifford Avenue, Jersey City. Four children, in order: Anna (married Dr. Walter Sherwood); Beatrice (unmarried); Harold (became a dentist); Clarice Antoinette. Two sister, Clarice A, (left) and Beatrice (picture, right).

After William V. Toffey II grave, 1955, move to apartment, Jersey City, 8 or 9 years. And move to Englewood, NJ, 3 years, next town north, Tenafly, 1967 to 1970. And, Clarice move to Akin Toffey home to Glenn Ridge, NJ

Clarice, crossword puzzle, Sunday New York Times Magazine; 25* year! Tenafly, summer, 1971 or 1972, Clarice and Sunday New York Times, and finish!

And, four years, Grandma death, February 22, 1974.

One of Six Toffey, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

But, grandparents grave in Green-Wood, Brooklyn, New York.

Lot: 35763 Sec 66 is: Grandma, Clarice Koonz Toffey and Grant dad, William Vermilye Toffey II; Harold Akin. Koonz; Pearl C. Koonz; Anna K. Koonz; Walter Sherwood.

Lot 22162 Sec 66 is: Aliz Koonz; Annie C. Koonz; Beatrice Akin Koonz; Philip J. Koonz; and Philip Koonz, Jr.

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Dad's Story: "Philip Koonz"

Attempting to write a biography of this interesting person makes me realize how many questions I might have asked my mother about him. He was born in New York City of parents who had emigrated from Germany

I gather that they were of very modest circumstances since his sister and her husband, whose names my mother didn't recall, rarely visited her brother because they were embarrassed by their low financial situation.

Grandfather took up dentistry, and reportedly began practicing even before he had completed his professional studies. He established a dental office on the second floor of a building at 9th St. and Broadway in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. It proved to be a highly lucrative practice, although I don't know whether that can be attributed to prices, advertising, or location.

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Anna Crowen Koonz

Wife, Anna Crowen Koonz was born in New York City.  Her father, Crow, was born in Belfast, Ireland.  Because he disliked the name, he added an "n" when he came to this country.  He was a "stationery and publisher," according to the title of a cookbook which his wife wrote and he published.

She had nine children, only five of whom I can account for, so I assumed the others died in childhood. She also had nine abortions, self-induced using knitting needles. The surviving children were Philip, a physician who died before I was born; Harold, a dentist who took over his father's practices; Anna, wife of Dr. Walter Sherwood; Beatrice Akin [after retired, New York State, summer, 1969, after college, Cornell University, northeast, dad's driving, mom, Kyle and me to Beatrice Akin, unmarried and the fixer and doer of the family; and Clarice Toffey

My mother pictured Anna Koonz as a placid and unflapPAble matriarch unlike her sisters who tended to bring their squabbles to 39 Gifford Avenue. Philip left the running of the household and the rearing of the children to her, and apparently she kept things running smoothly.

She died after relatively short illness and was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

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