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Learn more.."Grocery Shipping - The Way It Was"

Try if you will to picture what would happen in a supermarket if it were to run out of bags. Obviously everything would come to a complete and futile halt.

Yet when I was a youngster there were no such things as grocery bags. Nor, for that matter, was there any such thing as self-service. You stood at the counter and called out what you wanted while the clerk scurried about plucking the items from the shelves and piling them on the counter.

When the order was filled the clerk would tear off a sheet of brown Kraft paper from the roll at the end of the counter, spread it out and then carefully fit the items into a comPAct stack. He would then wrap it up, tie it up with thin but very strong dark brown cord and break the cord with his fingers. This matter operation fascinated me and I finally asked the clerk how he did it. He explained that he simply snapped the cord against itself and it broke. I went home and tried it. I ended up with sore fingers and cord that was still intact.

Down West Side Avenue from our house was an A&P grocery store and, across the street, a Sheffield Farms dairy store where people came with metal cans to be filled with milk and where butter was cut from big tubs and package in paper trays.

Being somewhat more affluent, we had our milk and cream home delivered. They were placed on our back doorstep sometime before dawn, a practice dating back to the time when refrigeration was poor and milk soured quickly.

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