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1) Dorothy Edith Eldridge, Senior High School.

2) Dorothy and Pony

3) Edith and Chester; Golden Wedding, October 29, 1965.

4) Chester and Dog!

5) "Eldridge", Clark, NJ, 22 acres, Fruit Farm, 6 Family. Twenty-one cats and one dog, "Maor"

6) Sidney Freethey& boat & "IOU". And, "IOU", cabin, Pawling, N.Y., 2010.

7) 1959, 3 boys and Aunt Becky, Two-Daddy sister.

8) Russell Markert,1959.

9) The Eldridge Home! 1959 - 1961, Oradell, NJ

10) Dorothy and William V. Toffey, Kissimmee, FL, '86.

11) Tenafly, NJ, 1980.

12) Disney World and I, 6 time.

13) Russell Markert dance lessons in Radio City Music Hall.

14) Great grandparents, Harriet ( Hattie) Cowell and George Alvah Eldridge

Younger Russell Markert, Sixteen Missouri Rockets start a 1923 in St. Louis.

Younger Russell Markert, Sixteen Missouri Rockets start a 1922 in St. Louis.


Most famous precision dance company in the world: Rockettes!

Most famous precision dance company in the world: Rockettes!
Pictured above: The Rockettes


Rockettes and Russell Merkert,working dance stages.

Rockettes and Merkert,, middle, working dance stages tn 1970. (



3. Great Fortune: Rockefeller Center

Russell Markert, choreographer, founded & directed, Radio City Music Hall, "36 Rockettes."

Backyard in 1960, my mother's father, Chester home in Oradell, NJ  And mother's cousins, Russell and Gladys Markert.

Chair, Russell reading a large magazine.


Glady Markert & 3 boys, 1963. Glady brother, Russell Markert.

In 1963, Gladys Markertchair and floor,three boys living room in Tenafly, NJ

Gladys was first cousin's younger mother, and, brother, Russell, daughter of John and Bertha Eldridge Markert, one of four sister of Chester Eldridge.


Russell Markert, the director of the Rockettes, proudly shows the award for "Best Dance Company in the Nation", in 1960.

Russell Markert, the director of the Rockettes, proudly shows the award for "Best Dance Company in the Nation", in 1960.


Russell Markert shows his Missouri Rockets, forerunners to the Rockettes, a move in 1925

Russell Markert shows his Missouri Rockets, forerunners to the Rockettes, a move in 1925. (


Russell Markert & The 36 Rockettes, rehearsal, 1935.

Russell Markert & The 36 Rockettes, rehearsal, 1935. (Courtesy of MSG Entertainment.)


Stage chorus, 36 Rockettes, December 27, 1932

Stage chorus, 36 Rockettes, start in December 27, 1932.



Russell Eldridge Markert, Dead, 91

"Radio City Music Hall"

Brother and sister, Russell and Gladys Marker

newprojectsMy grandfather, had an older brother George, and sister, Ada and oldest sister, Bertha. Bertha married a German-born fellow named John G. Markert. They had two children's, Russell Eldridge and sister, Gladys M. Markert in Jersey City.

Also, my father family's in Jersey City, my great-great grant father, George Akin Toffey.

History Russell Markert, born in Jersey City, on August 8, 1899
History France, during World War I...
History Retiring in Manhattan, 1932, Markert and Roxyettes
History "...signs of being from that world by age 3!""
History One time a year, Russell & Gladys to my mother home...
History Russell Markert and Lucille Ball
History New red car, Pontiac GTO, 2-door in 1971!

Founder and Director...

Among the several notorious people in my family history is Russell Eldridge Markert, born in Jersey City, NJ on August 8, 1899, and my mother's cousin, founder and director of the world famous New York City, Radio City Music Hall, "36 Rockettes" and chief choreographer!

The first Christmas show was produced December 21, 1933, was created by the Music Hall, 36 Rockettes, of the "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers," choreographer by their founder, Russell Markert and "The Living Nativity". First Christmas Show: - Radio City Christmas, Rockettes Celebrate - 85th Anniversary.

Died, Russell Markert, By Peter B. Flint

Russell Markert - "Chief Choreographer, image-preserver and resident father-figure of the famous troupe of tall, svelte women." - "The Rockettes" and Russell Markert".

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World War I to 1932

World War I in France

Russell also served his country by defending its freedoms in World War I in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until end, November, 1918. He served in France, where he briefly performed in military theatricals. An injury sent him home, however.

Originally, he seeks to career in finance, but theater and dances again. Russell took his first dance and acrobatic classes with a local Brooklyn teacher named Thelma Entwhistle, who found his develop talent, overcome Mr. Markert.

Ziegfeld Follies in 1922

When he saw the Ziegfeld Follies by the John Tiller Girls in 1922, he found them short and lacking in choreographic versatility. Yet, he marveled at their wondrous precision and vowed to one day get 16 taller American girls, who could kick higher and do lots of tap dancing. He got that chance.

After dancing on Broadway, serving as dance director assistant for Earl Carroll's Vanities (1923) and choreographing an all-female show for the Cotton Club in 1924, Russell formed the Missouri Rockets, a Follies-style group, in St. Louis.

With 16 original dancers and a drill sergeant's precision, he built an American institution that was known the world over for its precision dance routines, spectacular costumes and, most of all, those eye-high leggy kicks.

"King of Jazz" in 1930

Also choreographed early innovative sound films including "King of Jazz" in 1930 which featured the Paul Whiteman band and a young singer named Bing Crosby.

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Next year in 1933, Mr. Markert and 36 Rockettes

Radio City Music Hall

Seven years, return back to Manhattan in 1932, his theater precision dance the "Roxyettes." This female dance troupe later relocated to New York City and underwent two name change, the American Rockets and new, Rosettes, before permanently moving into the new 6,200-seat Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center in 1932. One year later, the troupe forever became known as the Rockettes.

It has been written that, for 39 years, Russell's penchant for uniformity - the bedrock of his choreographic vision - happily consumed his life. It led him to create musically diverse and visually stunning shows that transformed the Rockettes into dance icons and set the model for how to choreograph on gargantuan stages.

Learn more... "Next year in 1933, Mr. Markert & Rockettes"

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Russell Markert by Rachel Straus

"Father of Radio City Rockettes"

Since 1933, theatergoers of all ages have been dazzled by the Radio City Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular. These audiences have choreographer Russell Markert (1899–1990) to thank for the beloved holiday production.

For 39 years, Markert's penchant for uniformity - the bedrock of his choreographic vision - happily consumed his life. It led him to create musically diverse and visually stunning shows that transformed the Rockettes into dance icons and set the model for how to choreograph on gargantuan stages. The high-kicking, leggy ladies took center stage in his sexy, sharp and short vaudevillian pieces, where miraculously appearing elevators, turning stages, huge set pieces and gorgeous costumes feted their presence. Through the Rockettes, Markert offered a dancing correlative to American optimism, and his ability to project a highly skilled, innovative and uncomplicated America through the spirited unison of 36 young women was masterful.

business world by age 3!

The Jersey City, New Jersey, native had no relationship to show business, but he showed signs of being from that world by age 3. On a day trip to the beach, Markert slipped away from his mother and was found dancing alongside a jazz band. "When you hear the music, you have to dance," he said to his frantic mother. At home Markert created soft shoe numbers and designed a floor-length tutu (made out of torn newspapers) for his sister. Around his 14th birthday, his parents separated. Apart from Army duty in France during World War I, where he briefly performed in military theatricals, he lived the rest of his life with his mother and sister.

[Bottom: Articles, Books, and Film.]

Learn more... "Russell Markert by Rachel Straus"

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One more time a year, Russell, Gladys & my home, Tenafly, '70

Summer, Russell and Gladys, driving to my mother"s home, one time a year to 1970, backyard to talking, reading, and fun!

One time in 1960, Chester's home in Oradell, NJ, Chester's nephew, Russell, outside chair, reading large color magazine!

And, one time, my grandparents, Chester and Edith Eldridge, Florida in 1961, driving north to Tenafly, and Russell, Gladys and my family in 1965!

Winter in December, my mother's family for free

In December, my mother's family to see the show in N.Y.C. to see to Radio City Music Hall, Rockettes perform and the Christmas Spectacular about five or five times a years. Russell got us back stage tickets, for free! Three times recall, we had a double treat in that we went to see the Rockettes and then went to see The Sound of Music (1964), South Pacific (1967) and My Fair Lady (1968).

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Wedding, Lucy Ball, and two People, Mr. Markert & Dr. Peale!

When Lucille Desiree Ball, Russell Markert, was breaking into show business, dancing on Broadway and appearing in small films, she became friends with Russell Markert.

Russell and Gladys big apartment, 4 -5* years they exchanged Christmas cards for Lucy and Russell!

Newspaper, Morning Journal, Monday, In New York City For The Wedding

[Subhead] Gary Morton, Lucille Ball and Miss Ball's two children, Desi and Lucy... Lucy and New Love Are Wed.

"A new 'I Love Lucy' series had its firth showing yesterday and the audience reaction was tremendous… into 29th. St. between Fifth Ave. and Broadway. (First married, Lucy Ball and Desi Arnaz, on November 30th of 1940, 20 years. They divorced May 4th of 1960.)

"Miss Ball… wearing a cocktail length gown and tulle veiled cap of brilliant teal blue… married at the Marble Collegiate Church

"It was nightclub comedian Gary Morton who promised to love,  humor and cherries Lucy, and the minister was Dr. Norman Vince Peale. (Dr Peal death, Christ Church, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., 10 feet to my parents stone cemetery.)

"Miss Ball's mother, Mrs. Desiree Ball, came from California… along the small family wedding, small group of friends attending the ceremony include… Russell Markert, director of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes…"

Vincente Minnelli, Lucy and Russell Markert

Book: Vincente Minnelli: Hollywood's Dark Dreamer, By Emanual Levy.

"Each week, Minnelli, art director Clark Robinson, and dance, Russell Markert work together hard for the Thursday open…  Markert was seeing a gorgeous redhead woman name Lucille Ball… much later….", search:

Russell Markert and Lucille Ball: Twelve Result.

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New red car, Pontiac GTO, 2-door!1!

In 1971, Russell's new red car, Pontiac GTO, 2 door; fine car! Eighteen years, Russell, 90 years old, was driving. But, Russell, pull-over to police. After, Mr. Markert, no-license! In next years, died at the age of 91 on December 1, 1990, Heritage Village in Southbury, C.T.

my mother's cousin, My mother, and three boys...

After cemetery, Mr. Markert attorney leaves no immediate survivors for my mother, Dorothy. But left with Dorothy, Russell sister, Gladys grave, my mom, Dorothy, luxury jewelry boxes, necklaces. And Russell's died, three boys, Bill, Kyle and me, money serving bank, $1000, each.

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