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BUSINESS WEEK, December 25, 1965. Below: The Rockettes kick high in Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas show – a spectacle that plays to 1 million people this year

BUSINESS WEEK, December 25, 1965. Below: The Rockettes kick high in Radio City Music Hall's Christmas show – a spectacle that plays to 1 million people this years. [Marketing]




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The high-kicking, leggy dancers

The high-kicking, leggy dancers took center stage in his sexy, sharp and short vaudevillian pieces, where miraculously appearing elevators, turning stages, huge set pieces and gorgeous costumes feted their presence. Through the Rockettes, Russell Painted a moving interpretation to American optimism and his ability to project a highly skilled, innovative and uncomplicated show through the spirited unison of 36 young women was masterful.

Opening in New York City:

"75 Years of Radio City Music Hall and The Rockettes [1932 - 2007, YouTube]". Time line | 1932 On December 27, at the opening of Radio City Music Hall, the "Roxyettes" | 1933 New, Christmas Spectacular Stage Show, Rockettes | 1941 WWII Rockettes, outside | 1957 Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade and Rockettes | LIFE (below) | 1978 "Radio City To Close" | 1985 "I Live New York" enclosed Rockettes | 1999 Reopen Theatre.

Life.Time.com — December 11, 1964. "HARD KNOCK, HIGH KICK; LIFE WITH THE ROCKETTE

Intuitive Mathematics

The idea for his routines usually originated in a dramatic concept or an evocative piece of music. He and an associate director then worked out the floor Patterns and step combinations, relying on what he called intuitive mathematics.

His ensembles produced such film stars as Vera-Ellen and Lucille Bremer. In addition to being representatives of Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the Rockettes have appeared in the halftime activities of several generations of American sports events, Presidential Inaugurations and the late-night and morning talk shows. They have been an anchor in the Marcy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City every year since 1957. As well, the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular is one of the most watched live shows in the United States with more than 2 million viewers.

Russell took women from all over the world and trained them to become some of the most talented dancers. He preferred dancers that stood between 5 ft x 6 in and 5 ft x 10 in tall. I'm also proud that many of these young women went on to become great mothers, spouses, and businesswomen, who attributed much of their success in life to him.

Rockettes.com/timeline, Video...

Paris, MOVIETINE NEWS in 1932 — The Rockettes perform at the International Olympics of dance in Paris, and take home the top prize.

...Younger Sister, Gladys Markert

Russell's younger sister, Gladys Markert, also worked throughout her career at the New York City, Radio City Music Hall as a business manager. She retired from that position one year but Gladys passed away on May 31, 1971. Three month, Russell retired later this years.

In 1963, Gladys Markert, was first cousin's younger mother and brother's Russell. Gladys and Russell children are of parents, Bertha, birth, 1877 and death, 1959, and George Markert. Gladys's sister, but death, at age 20.

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"Russell Eldridge Markert, Dead, 91"

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