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American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies

Great, great, grandparents, Gorge A, & Mary D. Cook Toffey, town, #22, Pawling.
Great great grandparents, George Akin & Mary D. Cook Toffey, town down, Route 22 cemetery.
See, Jersey City: George Toffey: Farmer, Cattle and Broker.


GGG- George Toffey, Town, Pawling, NY.
Great, great, grandparents, Gorge A, and Mary D. Cook Toffey.
(Terry Akin.)


United States Navy Rear John Lorimer Worden, birth, March 12, 1818 and death, October 18, 1897. Wife, Olivia Akin Toffey Worden, birth, 1820, Pawling, and death, 1903.
United States Navy Rear John Lorimer Worden, birth, March 12, 1818 and death, October 18, 1897. Wife, Olivia Akin Toffey Worden, birth, 1820, Pawling, and death, 1903.


Town; WilliamV Toffey_I;
John J. Toffey's brother, great grandparents, William V. Toffey I, my grand uncle to John James Toffey. Wife, Emma L. Sip. But my dad's dad, William V. Toffey II. (Tarry Akin.)
Town grave: Abraham Akin Toffey, 1823 - 1881. Wife, Ann Toffey, d: 1881
John James Toffey, sister, Mary Toffey, and husband, William Bailey Wheeler. (Tarry Akin, '05.)


Town grave: Abraham Akin Toffey, 1823 - 1881. Wife, Ann Toffey, d: 1881
Town grave: Abraham Akin Toffey, 1823 - 1881. Wife, Ann Toffey, d: 1881. My middle Brother, Kyle Akin Toffey, dad's brother, Akin. (Tarry Akin, '05.)


Town grave: Ecbert M. Toffey; b: 1820; wife, 1833 - 1914.
Town grave: Ecbert M. Toffey; birth, 1820 and wife, 1833 - 1914. (Tarry Akin, '05.)


Memorial Garden Plaques, square fence, in Christ Church. middle stone, watersfall. Bill Toffey and friend, Roger Smith, summer, 2013.
Memorial Garden Plaques, square fence, in Christ Church. middle stone, waters fall. Bill Toffey and friend, Roger Smith, summer, 2013.


1)"Toffey-England Crest, before 1700.
2) "21 Old Toffey," back 80 yard, corner, Christ Church; Akin Free Library.
2) GG- George Akin & . Mary Cooke Toffey. Town cemetery.
3) Christ Church, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., grave, Mom & Dad.
4) My family ,in old cabin, 1988.
John James Toffey, 18 Y.O., Civil War.
5) My family reunion, 2000, new cabin!
6) Dad, cabin, right, buildings, pine wood, 1971
7) Family, grandparents,and cousin, ash tree and large stone!



Toffey-England Crest!

Toffey-England Crest!

My great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Toffey, England. But:
First son, England. Second son, South Africa. Third son, America!


Front, my great-great-great parents, Daniel & Mary Toffey.

Front yard top, "twenty-one Toffey's!" (And wife middle, last name, Akin and Sip!)

Front, great-great-great grandparents, Daniel Toffey, and wife, Betsy Holloway Toffey. Sept., 20, '11.


Cemetery, John James & Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey.

Cemetery, Great grant parents, John James & Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey.


Christ Chruch, Quaker Hill, Pawling, NY, corner: Dad - William Vermilye Toffey III.

Kyle, Bill, Dorothy, and Garret, Christ Church, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. Corner, Church Road, 5 minute walking, bottom, Dad - William Vermilye Toffey III. Birth, July 18, 1913 and dead, November 9, 1993, Kissimmee, FL.


New, spring, 2013, Christ Church, side, Memorial Garden Plaques, after death: "Garret Sip Toffey"

New, spring, '13, Christ Church, right, sideway, black iron fence and gate. Inside, Bronze Memorial Garden Plaques.

May 11, 2014, inside gate, oldest cousin, right, Akin Hatch Toffey, and Pastor. Left, me, liking for bronze stone, Hatch's wife, Susan E. Toffey died, February, 2014, first of 10* Toffey family and cousins in bronze stone.

And 80 yard south down below...



My Great-great-great-great grand parent, John and Abigail Akin Toffey, backyard, Quaker Hill.

My Great-great-great-great grand parent, John and Abigail Akin Toffey, backyard, Quaker Hill.

First of "Fifth Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y."


August 25, 2012, nine family Toffey's picture.

Town, 134 East Main Street, Pawling, John Kane House.

August 25, 2012, Saturday, 2 pm – 7 pm. My great John James Toffey, brother, Daniel Toffey and United States Navy Rear John Lorimer Worden.

Camera, nine family Toffey's picture.  


Town; WilliamV Toffey_I;

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, left 60 feets south, Dorothy and William Toffey III grave.

Corner, Church, Quaker Hill Road, south, 10 minute walking, left, Dr. Peale's Home, below.


Dr. Norman Vincen Peale "Home". Co

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's "Home." Big house, 250 acres. Walking, 5 minute, corner: "Church Road", Christ Church & pasteur Home, grave. Across a street, Akin Free Library & Museum


Old toffey, E

"Old Toffey," Mary Elizabeth Sip; born, 1808. Elizabeth Sip, great, great grand mom, Mary Elizabeth Sip Toffey's aunt. (Tarry Akin, '05.)



Toffey's Families & Cemetery Plots

"Sixth Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y."

Duchess County, New York State

In England, my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Toffey, and three sons. But..
— First son, same for father, Toffey in England.new projects
— Second's son, southwest to Africa.
— Third's son, west to America, in Long Island City, Queens, New York!

My first Generation of Toffey's in USA, John C. Toffey, birth, 1705 in England, but death, 1792, 87 years old to Long Island City and wife, Hannah Hewlett Toffey, birth, 1717 and death, 1798 in Long Island.

But first son, John Toffey, Sr., settled in Pawling, New York!

Six Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y. — Eight Movies!

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Findagrave.com: Pawling, Dutchess County in N.Y. State, "45 Toffey's!"

History 2) Toffey's Father and Mother in Christ Churst...
History 3) Route 22, downtown Cemetery, G-GG Toffey....
History 4) Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather
History Peals House, 225 acre, includes a sauna and indoor swimming pool
History Movie & actor James Earl Jones: three times n SIPnAlive!

John, hat maker in down of Pawling

John Toffey, Sr (1st), hat maker had appeared from Long Island and opened a hat making shop on the properly in 1775. In short time John Toffey, the second wife, Abigail Akin on January 11, 1776. They fixed up the forward all Toffey's born on raise a family. Going forward all Toffey's born on Quaker Hill would have Akin blood. But there would be more connection!

John and Abigail Akin Toffey, the first Toffey's on Quaker Hill, had five sons who in manhood had not the difference of a pound in their weight. They were Hewlett, Akin, Gorge, John and last one, Daniel. Of there John and Daniel settled on Quaker Hill. John, inheriting the homestead on the corner, carriage on a general mercantile business in a store adjoins the home. John married Esther Akin while Akin Toffey, married Ann Akin and live on Meeting House Road. Toffey brothers, already half Akin, married two Akin sisters!

1: "First of Six Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y."

Last, new Bronze Memorial Garden Plaques in spring, 2013, Christ Church, sidewalk, 50 yard, outdoor black iron fence and gate, inside, (right, top 5 down), after death, Garret Sip Toffey, and my two brother, Bill and Kyle families and five cousens family; average, 20 Toffey's family.

First, Hatch Toffey's wife Susan Toffey (Pawling and Business, top right), dead on February 1, 2014. Younger, Bill Hoyt Toffey and wife, Gail, girls twins, Nancy and Annie, and youngest, Peter Sip Toffey, after dead, Memorial Garden Plaques.

Christ Church on Quaker Hill - www.ccoqh.org.

2: Dad And Mom in back of Christ Church Cemetery...

Father, William Vermily Toffey III - Mother, Dorothy Edith Eldridge

Memorial Garden Plaques in backyard, right and clumping down bottom cemetery, a visitor can find the graves stone of Toffey's father, William Vermilye Toffey III, and mother, Dorothy Edith Eldridge.

For sale, summer, 82 Norman Place in Tenafly, my parents's, driving to 47th Street and Pine Street, two days, Brother Bill, daughter, Laurel and I. But tomorrow driving to southeast P.A., second RV to Florida, Kissimmee!

But six generations of Toffey's, my grandparents, William Vermilye and Clarice Toffey II in Green-Wood, Brooklyn.

See, Pawling, N.Y., JPG, north in Pawling, New York State.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale [Grave stone, 80 feet south]

My parents grave, five yard back below, next to their resting place is the grave of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, the Minister, Preacher and Author, 15 feet south, below, "Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. (Below, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.)

Lowell Jackson Thomas

The journalist and broadcaster, Lowell Jackson Thomas, who made Lawrence of Arabia famous, is also buried at Christ Church," birth, 1892 and death, 1981. Down, Main Street, Pawling, Lowell Jackson Thomas house building.

Book, Amazon.com - Lowell Thomas: "With Lawrence in Arabia."

Edward Roscoe Murrow

The legendary broadcaster, radio, CBS, and television and Government New York State, Edward Roscoe Murrow is from Pawling, N.Y., at the age of 57. His ashes were scattered on his estate there, Glen Arden Farm. A park in Pawling bears his name, April 25, 1908 and death, April 27, 1965.

Town down, Edward R. Murrow park, 356 acre, Lakeside park. (Main Street and Lakeside Rd). Time Mezzanine, YouTube: Edward R. Murrow - Americanthings.woodpress: Edward Roscoe Murrow.

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3: Down Cemetery, John J., & father, George A. Toffey

Duchess County, 83 E Main Street, Route 22

My great-great grandfather, George Akin Toffey, born in December 3, 1811, Pawling, N.Y. and dead, January, 20, 1885, down town, large stone cemetery. And wife, Mary DeReimer Cooke Toffey, March 2, 1811 and death, June 20, 1885. George, working a Pawling, and Jersey City, N. J. for the Farmer and Cattle Broker! Left top, George Akin Toffey.

And George's five children's, Daniel Toffey II, George Toffey Jr, William Vermilye Toffey I, John's sister, Mary Toffey and husband, William Bailey Wheeler, right. My hero, John James and Mary Sip Toffey's in cemetery, Route 22. 

John's brother, William Vermily Toffey I, burial, September 19, 1848, and dead, February 8, 1928, right. Wife, Emma L. Sip Toffey, born, October 2, 1853 to death, July 2, 1924. But, William V. Toffey I, uncle to grandfather, William Vermilye Toffey II, burial site Green-Wood Cemeteryin Brooklyn, N.Y.

United States Navy Rear John Lorimer Worden

Cemetery, United States Navy Rear John Lorimer Worden, left, birth, March 12, 1818 and death, October 18, 1897. Wife, Olivia Akin Toffey Worden, birth, 1820, Pawling, and death, 1903. Great-great grandfather, George Toffey's sister.

In Civil War battles ironclad warships, United States Navy Rear Admiral John Lorimer Worden, USS Monitor. And great brother, Daniel Toffey II, clerk, C.S.S. Monitor.

Confederate ironclad Virginia, dawn, on March 9, 1862. Americancivilwar.com/Monitor, Union Navy Ship, action between USS Monitor and Merrimack, C.S.S. Virginia. Well love captain, John Lorimer Worden, the Union Navy's own ironclad, voyage from New York. "USS Monitor Officer", 1 of 12 picture, "John Lorimer Worden." Down, 1 of three pictures, "USS Monitor Crew," 1 of twenty picture, "Daniel Toffey II," USS Monitor. YouTube, USS Monitor, mariner's museum, September 17, 2012, Virginia! (Americancivilwar.com/Monitor, 17-down, "Display", screen resolution, 1024 by 768 pixel!)

John Lorimer Worden: Amzon.com/John Lorimer Worden: "Ironclad: The Monitor & The Merrimack" money, $17.95 paperback. In Pennsauken, home, "Ironclad: The Monitor & The Merrimack," upstairs bed, desktop, 2/2014.

Daniel Toffey, clerk: Monitor, Ironclad

"As the battle progressed, it became obvious to the men in the Monitor that there were some serious drawbacks in Eriksson's revolutionary design. One of the problems to manifest itself concerned the communications link between the two most vital areas of the ship, the pilothouse and the gun turret. Early in the action the speaking tube link broke down, and two of the ship's officers, Lieutenant Keeler and the captain's clerk, Daniel Toffey, were assigned to run back and forth between the polot-house and the turret to relay orders from the captain. As Lieutenant Greene, in the turret, described it, "The situation was novel: a vessel of war was engaged in desperate combat with a powerful foe, the captain, commanding and guiding, was enclosed in one place, and the executive officer, working and fighting the guns, was shut up in another." Greene was quick to prick to praise Keeler and Toffey for their zeal and alacrity, "but both being landsmen, our technical communications sometimes miscarried." [Book: "MONITOR; James Tertius deKey - The Story of the Legendary Civil War Ironclad.."; Daniel Toffey, 188-189 pages (end, 236 pages)]

"The men working the gun stripped to the waist as the heat from engine, boilers, and guns rose inside the turret. ..Worden the effect it had, if any. Yat he found that Keeler, assisted by D. Toffey (Daniel Toffey), Worden's clerk, did the work 'with zeal and alacrity,' though he notice that, both of them being un experienced at sea,.."

[Book: "Duel Bewteen the First Ironclads," by William C. Davis. Great grand brother, Daniel Toffey, 123 (end, 201 pages).]

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4: Cemetery "21 Old Toffey"

Corner, Quaker Hill Road, north to south, right, Christ Church, across the street, Akin Free Library and Museum, average, 80 yard east backyard buried there are "Twenty-One Toffey's" graves. And last name, Akin and Sip!

Pawling, N.Y., great-great-great-great grandparent, John Toffey Sr, top, backyard, birth, November, 11, 1753 and death, November 17, 1829. And second one, wife, Abigail Akin Toffey, birth, March 29, 1749 and death, December 14, 1825. And marriage, January 11, 1776, and six month, July 4, 1776, United States Declaration of Independence. John's working for Hat maker.

And front yard, great-great-great grandparents, Daniel Toffey, born, 1788 and death, January 28, 1852. Wife, Betsy Hollow Toffey, middle right, picture, born, 1749 and death, 1868 in a pawing, N.Y. Top of a hill, Elizabeth Sip Toffey, born, 1818.

Backyard in top, Great-Great-Great Grantfather, Daneil Toffey, front yard, and back yard, Great-Great-Great-Great Grantfather, John Toffey, Had Maker in YouTube! Brother Bill, camera shooting "Twenty-One Toffey," in summer, 2012. Twins cousin, Nancy and Annie, Roger Smith, President of Oblong Friends Meeting House in Quaker Hill (summer, 2014).

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, born, May 31, 1898 and death, December 24, 1993, 95 years old cemetery, 6 years for my parents's grave. Dr Peale, Preacher and Author. New York City, Methodist Episcopal Church and 1 1/2 hours north, Peale's home, Pawling, N.Y., Quaker Hill. Dr. Peale large home, walking to corner, Christ Church. Peale, 225 acre, includes a sauna and indoor swimming pool and a circa-1830 house furnished, Norwegian Antiques! Wikipedia.org, Norman Vincent Peale.

Sunday, am, home, in Tenafly, eight years old, me and my family to New York City Manhattan, Dr D. Peale's Methodist Episcopal Church, 2 or three time.  Fifty-two year tenure as Pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. Part-time, Dr. Peale pastor in Sunday Christ Church on Quaker Hill.

Norman Vincent Peale Center for Christian Living, Route 22, Pawling, N.Y. The Peale Center founded in Pawling in 1952, and is a veritable prayer and Prayer Partners, 3,000 prayer request.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Amzon.com – "The Power of Positive Thinking." Peale: "When you affirm big, believe big and pray big, putting faith into action, big things happen.. People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success." My home in Pennsauken, February, 2014, The Power of Positive Thinking" and "How To Be Your Best," upstairs bed cabinet.

Ruth Stafford Peale, wife of late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, died Wednesday, February 6, 2008, at her home in Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. She was 101 years old!

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Living - Pawling. N.Y.

James Earl Jones, birth, January, 17, 1931, and actor and movie. Town, south west. James Earl Jones, voice of STAR WARS Saga.

First, difference site, www.sipstudio.com/portfolio/portfolio, right picture, Bell Atlantic and new, Verizon in 2001, Center City building, Philadelphia. Third, SIPnAlive.com, 2000*, James Earl Jones and Bell Atlantic, in 2001, Verona Design, Marlton, N. J. President Linda, 4 to 6 working and I, Senior Web Designer, Art Designer, Illustrator and printer.

And more people for Pawling, N.Y., Sally Jessy Raphael, television show, New York City but retired, corner, Quaker Hill Road and Church Road, Quaker Hill, Pawling. For sale, Trevor Davis, Cogi Farm, east, Kirby Hill Road, Multi-Million Real. Southeast, "Quaker Hill Rd South," Edward Lustig, 41 years, one years older Brother, Bill Lustig, house, since 2010.

More Pawling, N.Y.

My Dad Cabin, 10 acres, Pawling and Business and Pawling, N.Y.: JPG, James Earl Jones, "3rd Century Toffey's" and more picture, north, south, east and west Pawling, N.Y.

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